7 Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas

Going green is more than just a trend – it’s an important step toward the future. As fossil fuel resources start to run out, it will be more crucial to have alternative energy sources. And you can start the green revolution in your very own home, believe it or not. We’ve put together some sustainable home improvement ideas you can use to spruce up your home this fall season. 

Idea #1: Donate Unwanted Possessions

One of the first steps to home improvements is taking an inventory of what you already have. Separate your belongings into three piles: Keep, Toss, and Donate. Try to donate as much as possible to charities like Habitat for Humanity or companies like Goodwill. It’s a great way to help those that are underprivileged and stay environmentally friendly at the same time. 

Idea #2: Reuse as Much as Possible

If you’re handy around the house but want to spruce up your interior, consider reusing what you already have. For example, you can paint your existing kitchen cabinets instead of buying new ones. Or, you can simply switch out handles and fixtures for an affordable but impactful change. 

Idea #3: Consider Alternative Energy

Whether you want to outfit your home with a full suite of solar panels or integrate geothermal heating into your home, there are plenty of ways to use alternative energy services. If you live in California, Florida, or Missouri, you might be eligible for PACE financing which offers tons of advantage over traditional financing. There’s no money down, no payments for a year (or more), financing is based on your home equity, and your loan is repaid over time through your property taxes. 

Idea #4: Using LED Lightbulbs

The lighting in your home can really influence the overall ambience. Where you can, switch out old incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs. LEDs are much more efficient than regular bulbs and waste much less energy. They’re an easy, low-cost fix that can end up saving you on your electricity bills. Speaking of electricity bills…

Idea #4: Upgrading Your Appliances

Old appliances tend to be less efficient and draw much more power. Consider upgrading your fridge and oven for newer, Energy Star models that draw less electricity from the power grid. You might not see much of a difference in your bills at first, but those savings will quickly add up.

Idea #5: Search Through Thrift Stores for New Furniture

If you need a couch or other kinds of furniture, try to avoid buying new if you want to reduce your environmental impact. Instead, make a day trip out of visiting the local flea market and a variety of different thrift stores. It’s a great way to be more adventurous and you’ll end up finding well-loved furniture that you can breathe new life into with a fresh coat of paint or polish. It’s also a great way to find decorations!

Idea #6: Re-Do Your Landscaping

Live in a drought-prone area? It might be time to completely redo your exterior landscaping with xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is a specific type of landscaping that centers around the use of low-water plants and landscape features. So, instead of a lawn, you can fill your front yard with beautiful river rocks and drought-resistant plants like aloe or hardy species of trees. Get tree pruning service provider Santa Cruz.

Idea #7: Start a Compost Bin

A great way to avoid wasting food scraps is by starting your own compost bin. All you need to start is an empty bucket, scraps of food, and dirt. Soon, you’ll have a nutrient rich fertilizer you can use for your garden or indoor plants. It’s a great way to make the most of your food waste.

Conclusion: Going Green Starts at Home

If you’re looking to redo your home and need sustainable projects, we’ve got your back. Consider implementing small changes at first like switching out your old lightbulbs for LED lights. Them you can move on to bigger changes like substituting your old, inefficient appliances with newer, environmentally friendly updated versions. 

Try to avoid throwing things away and rely on thrift stores to find new furniture rather than buying from a big box store that pollutes the earth. Using the tips in this article, you can ensure your home has a green makeover. Happy renovating!