Brian Cumby – 5 Reasons Why Building a Custom Home Is Worthwhile

There isn’t much that the real estate veteran Brian Cumby doesn’t know about property construction and we have been catching up with him recently to find out all of the comings and goings in the world of real estate. Brian’s real speciality and the area which the has dedicated himself to over the last decade has been custom home building, something which has grown a great deal in popularity over the last 20 years. We asked Brian what he thought about custom building your own property and it was very clear that he was a big supporter of people looking to create their very own homes. 

Growing Boredom of Industry 

If we look at any real estate development around the world we are seeing less and less creativity being used in the plotting and the planning of new homes. These stock homes are designed in a way that can be built quickly and without too much material, in order to then be sold on quickly and easily. These properties lack real character and they are poor on storage and space, a custom home can be built on the same patch of land and be a far nicer place. 

Choosing Your Very Own Style

Of course one of the most compelling reasons as to why you should look at a custom design is also because you can add your own sense of style to the place. You may favor a big kitchen over a large living room for example, or a smaller second bedroom in favor of a large office space. When you choose your own home, these are the wealth of options which you will have before you. 

Added Excitement 

There is a real excitement about being involved in a project like this and after all is said and done you will find yourself living in a property not that you discovered, but which you had a key part in building and creating. There is a wonderful sense of pride in the property when you have been involved in the process. 

Property Value and Attractiveness

Even though the property will have been designed in your style, there is still going to be a lot more interest and a far higher valuation on this type of property than compared to a large development. Studies show time and time again that a custom built property is likely to sell quicker and appreciate faster too. 

Cost Consideration 

Not only will this type of property reach a higher value on the real estate market, the cost of the property itself is often miles away from what many believe them to be. Because you are the master of your own destiny you can make cost saving decisions on materials and installations during the planning process in order to best manage your budget. 

As you can see, designing your own custom home really is the best way  to go about getting your next property.