Steven Fisackerly – Gardening Tips on a Budget

For any of you out there with a garden you will have no doubt been spending lockdown gazing out and realizing that it isn’t quite the landscaped and welcoming garden that you perhaps would have wanted. I watched the brilliant designer Steven Fisackerly speak about this in an interview in fact and he was discussing how many believe that the garden will cost a huge amount of money to get right, and that is why they turn their attentions to the interior of the property, and this was certainly something which happened to me. What I have discovered however, once boredom levels got so high that gardening seemed an existing thing to do, is that you can really give your garden a nice little makeover, and it doesn’t have to cost as much as you think. 

Clean Up 

The first place to start when you are looking to spruce your garden up is to give it a good clean. Get into the bedding areas and get all of those weeds out, clear up the lawn and get rid of twigs, leaves and foliage which may have fallen and if you have any paving stones then give them a blast with a jet washer to remove all of the moss that has begun to grow. Once you have given the place a good clean you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes. 

Old Items

Something which I have added to the garden which looks absolutely great are some rusty old antiques. Anything that is metal and worn will look great in the garden because it perfectly juxtaposes with the freshness of nature. An old bicycle or a kettle for example will look great in amongst the plants. 


Simply adding borders to the edge of the lawn or the bedding area is a really quick fix in terms of getting your garden up to scratch. These are really inexpensive to buy and those small wooden picket fences are the ideal solution for the borders. When you do this, it gives the impression that you have actually given some time and attention to your garden. In addition, planting a few trees, such as crape myrtles, will make your garden bloom with color. These trees are low maintenance, provide beauty all year, and can be placed by borders or as a focal point.

Using Pallets 

The pièce de resistance in my garden is a small decked area that I built using pallets which I was able to get from a local warehouse. I paid next to nothing for the pallets and my only real costs were for the rental of some tools and some additional materials such as screws and nails. Pallets are designed in such a way that really lends itself to being used for decking and once you get them connected up, varnished and painted, they look like the real deal. Will this decking last as long as a hardwood deck? No it won’t, but for the budget price which I paid for it, the truth is that it doesn’t matter. 

There are many ways in which you can give your garden a makeover if you hire a tree expert in Leander without it having to cost the earth.