Invest Time in That Home Improvement Idea You Had for a While Following These Easy Steps

Everybody wants a cozy and functional home. We are sure that you aren’t an exception. Thus, we believe that some nice home improvement ideas will be to place.

To implement any idea, you will need the usual tools to work with wood and actuator systems or actuators with all the needed accessories:

Choose the right actuator. Check their lift power, stroke length, and other features that might be crucial for a specific application. Now, let us move to particular ideas for your home.

Start with Your Kitchen

The busiest place in your accommodation is your kitchen, thus, the most important arrangements are needed there. You have plenty of options to change your kitchen space completely.

You can make lift platforms for your domestic items in custom kitchen cabinets. Just make the needed openings in the cabinet top and install a lift in the cabinet. The lift is activated with an actuator and moves the platform with your device up and down depending on your needs.

Another improvement is to install rotatable or popup shelves. They are usable for spices. You can make them appear and disappear with a push of a button. This cool adjustment allows saving space and make your kitchen more functional and advanced.

Then, It Is a Turn of Your Living-Room

Your living-room can be improved significantly, too. With a couple of actuator lift systems or actuators, you can turn your space into something incredible.

What about starting with a TV-lift? This is one of the newest trends, and now, it is absolutely affordable. You can install a TV lift on the ceiling or in a cabinet. Another option is to hide it behind a bookcase door.

A height-adjustable desk is one more improvement that will simplify your life and have an immensely positive impact on your health. You can make one by installing an old desk top on a lift system. With it, you will work more efficiently, and the improvements in your health condition will be more significant.

What about a Bedroom?

In your bedroom, you can make a real storage place and use it with comfort. Install a bed lift and store all the things you don’t need right now under your bed. A push of a button – and the lift moves the bedframe up. You can put inside or take out whatever you need, without any need to risk to be hit by the bedframe.

Other Options

With linear actuators, you can automate just anything. Look around. Any furniture piece can be automated. What about trying to automate your doors and windows? Move out to the yard, there are plenty of options there. You can automate patio furniture to free up more space and still keep your yard functional. Install a TV lift to enjoy your favourite movies outside, etc. With some imagination, money, and skills, you can turn your home into a paradise.



Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.