Making Short Work of That Imposing Cleaning Job—the Shower

Cleaning the bathroom can be a tough job; never-ending it often seems. Would you like to improve your cleaning techniques? Find faster and easier ways to get these cleaning jobs done? You are not alone.

Cleaning your shower thoroughly now and adding a new step to your routine will help you maintain a clean shower for weeks to come.

Dealing With Dreaded Mold

Fighting through the shower clean-up you run into mold. The bathroom is the main area of your house you will find it. Mold is not a hard problem to fix. You don’t even need special chemicals.

Stir a little water into some baking soda till it becomes a paste. Then, paint that onto the mold. Leave it on as long as possible. Mold can not grow where there is baking soda.

Mold can be a health hazard for your family; it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Oh, That Gunky Shower Head

While the baking soda kills the mold, deal with the showerhead. Showerheads get built up with mineral deposits. Yeah, that white stuff that is so hard to get rid of, or is it?

Use a plastic sandwich bag with a solution of half filtered water and half white vinegar. Either tie it over the showerhead or use a rubber band to hold it in place. Leave it on for an hour or more. Rinse well with clean water after you remove the vinegar treatment. You will be surprised a how well this clears up the build-up.

You can treat your shower faucet and sink faucet in the same way.

That Never-Ending Mildew

Once you have dealt with the mold, take a light baking soda and water solution and wash down the entire shower area. Use a circular motion so as not to miss any spots. You can use a clean sponge mop or a soft bristle brush for this step. Ensure the bristles are not too stiff; they could scratch the surface of your shower.

This treatment will remove any mold spores that got away and kill mildew. When you come by areas of soap build-up, use a plastic knife to scrape it off. Rinse the shower area off well with clean water.

Wash the Shower Down Thoroughly

You just did that. This time you will be using vinegar and dish soap. Using a spray bottle, make a solution of white vinegar and water, half and half, add a few drops of dish soap. Dawn works very well for this. Dawn cleans up greasy spots leftover from shampoos, soaps, and conditioners. Also, vinegar will help get rid of any remaining mineral deposits.

Spray the shower down thoroughly and then scrub with a soft brush. Rinse it well. A handheld showerhead works well to rinse the shower area down. Dry it with several large towels.

Cut Down Your Future Cleaning Jobs

Once the shower is thoroughly dry, use a silicone sealant on the shower walls and doors. Do not put any on the bottom of the shower stall where people stand. It will make it too slippery, and you don’t want anyone to fall.

Apply the sealant in a circular motion. It should dry in a few minutes. Buff it a bit, and those walls will shine and resist stains, water deposits, and mold. Your future cleaning job has been cut down to wiping down the shower after every use.

Now That the Shower is Done

Reward all your hard work with ideas to help improve the look of your bathroom. There are many ideas available to give your bathroom a fresh look at little or no cost.

Good Housekeeping has suggestions for keeping your bathroom clean longer. Whenever you can make less work for yourself, then do so.

You have accomplished a lot to make your shower look new. And you reduced the amount of work you will have to do in the future. You should be proud of your efforts.

These same cleaning techniques can be used in other areas of your bathroom and your home. Look around. You can come up with more cleaning solutions.

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