10 Renovation Tips To Give Your Home A New Look

There comes the point where your sleeves get rolled up, the paint canisters come out, and the power tools make an introduction. That’s right. It’s renovation time. It is an endeavor everyone has to endure, no matter how much they take care of their house. That is because apart from you using your space. Other factors influence a house’s condition. The climate change, extreme exposure to temperature changes, paint that has lost its durability, and the house itself settling in all push your house towards a renovation job. 

Renovations are also a good time to change the appearance of your house. Suppose you want to make a room bigger or get rid of a section of the house entirely. That is when you can make this happen. So if you’re ready with your tools to give your home a new look, here’s what you need to do:

1. Knock Down Extra Walls

When you’re purchasing a ready-made house, there may be far more walls than your liking. Walls make the house look smaller and restricts movement. If you have walls that are not supporting the house’s structure and are only hollow additions, consider knocking them down. You can do this for spaces such as the wall between your kitchen and dining room. This way, you bring more space into your house and give your home a livelier look.

2. Use Storage

Try keeping fewer things in your house as much as possible. It will help if you move items that you didn’t need into storage. Suppose you happen to be in Edmond, head on down to the self storage Edmond OK to save yourself good storage space for long-term care of your things. Shift all long-term usage items there, such as winter gear, decorations, and even furniture that look better during certain seasons. A self-storage space is a neat way to make sure anything you don’t need right away gets stored, and you don’t need to repurchase and clutter your house. 

3. Get Rid Of Carpeting 

Carpets look good, but when they cover every inch of your house, they look messy. Carpets are also harder to maintain since they retain dirt, dust. If they ever get wet, they become the perfect breeding ground for mold. So consider getting rid of all the carpeting throughout your house. Instead, If you want a pop of color, buy rugs. Not only are they manageable, but most of them are also easy to clean and replace. So in case you have a spillage or a pet with dirty paws, you can take care of your rugs.

4. Get Crown Molds and Panels

Have you ever looked at your walls and thought large pictures aren’t enough? Now there is so much you can do with your walls. One option is to get crown molds. These are decorative pieces that go on top of your wall. They never structurally damage the wall. However, if you get rid of them, you may need to repaint them. Another wall enhancement you can look into is wooden panels. These panels are easy to install against your wall. Once you put them up, you can paint and decorate them as you like. They give your room more depth and personality and prevent it from looking mundane.

5. Replace Counters

You should always ensure your kitchen countertops look dazzling. So after a significant amount of time, if you see your countertops looking worn, it’s time to change them. First, you need to think practically about what would look good on your countertop. Do you want something lighter or darker, and how sturdy should the material be? Most users go for marble countertops since they look both elegant and stylish. However, you can also choose to go mosaic, chrome, or wooden. No matter what you choose, ensure the material is of good quality by getting it from reliable hardware stores.

6. Fix Shelves In Walls

Shelving units can take up a lot of space, especially those that stick away from the wall. Think of all the extra space you can save if you attach the shelves to the walls. You can hire a reliable contractor so that they can study the wall and make custom-built shelves for you. The best part about designing your shelves is you get to experiment with the limits of your creativity. You can even make corner shelves that add a certain charm to your house.

7. Paint Your House

An actual test of your imagination is the color palette you choose for your house. Although it is a safe option to stick with primary colors such as neutral shades, don’t shy away from bold and dark colors. If you want to make a statement that screams luxury and modern, go for dark shades such as deep red or dark blue. If you like to give a more welcoming and friendly look, go for bright colors. Colors also add depth to a room. Dark colors usually make a room look more intimate, while bright colors make a room look spacious.

8. Change Your Light Fixtures

Suppose you have basic lightings such as bulbs and lamps; you may want to look into light fixtures. These fixtures come in varying sizes and designs and make your house look more attractive. Most light fixtures now come with a centralized light dimmer or connect to your phone. So it’s far easier for you to control them. They also come with an option of automatically switching off after a particular time, so you save power and money.

9. Get Bigger Furniture 

Furniture plays a significant part in your house renovation. It wouldn’t make sense if you upgrade every aspect of your house and leave old and torn furniture. Although furniture can be expensive, you don’t need to splurge. You need to know what pieces to pick and decorate your house. Suppose you may get a big cloud sofa in your living room that bends in the shape of an L. It opens up space and gives the living room a modern look. You can do the same for your bedroom, purchase furniture that has multiple uses instead of Individual pieces.

10. Work On The Exterior Of Your House

Your exterior needs as much loving as your interior. To achieve this, you can do several things. Upgrade your porch by building a new one. You may want to add more plants around the house and install a sprinkling system. Get better outdoor furniture that is water-resistant. Your gravel also needs replacement, so find a reliable contractor that can help repair the cracks in your driveway and the pathway leading to your house. You can even change the gravel from cement to stones. 

Wrap Up

Should you remodel before selling? Renovating a house is hard work. It requires both your monetary resources and time to get the look you want finally. You can start by knocking down extra walls that don’t contribute to the structure of the house. Make your home look much more spacious by buying multifunctional furniture and shelving units that go in the wall. Don’t forget to replace countertops and add a fresh coat of paint around the house. Get modern light fixtures that are easier to manage and look classy. Finally, don’t forget to fix up your outdoor space.