The Most Composite GMAT Test Series by Experts’ Global – 15, Full – length GMAT Mocks!

The mock tests help you assess your grasp of the concepts tested on GMAT, or your overall preparation to take the GMAT. As such, they constitute an important part of GMAT online preparation. Consequently, it is only fitting that you take into account several important factors that help determine a good mock test. These factors include there semblance of the test to GMAT in terms of type, pattern, difficulty, and concepts tested. The mocks should also be able to replicate the scoring pattern of GMAT. Besides, the mock tests should include an AI-based software that will help the students identify their specific learning requirements. Last, but not the least, these tests should be affordable as the students will not only be taking the mocks but also GMAT. Experts’ Global’s comprehensive GMAT mock test series excels on all aspects of the aforementioned points that help identify a good mock test. The following section discusses these aspects in detail. You can even take a free GMAT mock to better understand the features.

Quality of Questions

The Experts’ Global GMAT mock test questions are incredibly representative of the GMAT in terms of complexity, scope of testing, content tested and all other factors. Moreover, as the tests are hosted on the similar full-layout screen with similar graphics and controls, it helps to psychologically prepare the student by acclimatising him/her with the test-taking environment.

Representative Scoring

GMAT’s scoring pattern is not public knowledge. However, while most other test-developers have failed in their attempts to recreate the GMAT scoring pattern, Experts’ Gobal’s thorough research and dedication to provide their students with the best study material have helped them mimic the GMAT scoring pattern as well. This is affirmed by the fact that the students report congruence between their mock scores and GMAT scores. This similarity helps the student to accurately assess their GMAT performance.

Robust Analytics

An AI-enabled weakness diagnostics system is also included in the Experts Global’s test prep package. This is interesting because a software to identify the student’s specific weakness areas is essential to helping the student exert holistic effort in improving his/her performance. This software analyses each performance to tell you the specific areas that you need to improve upon. It can also analyse your performance over a series of tests to provide you a broad understanding of your weaknesses. Moreover, the analysis report includes the time you have taken to answer each question. Thus, the software does not only help you work on your specific weak areas but also aid you in identifying the best test-taking strategy for yourself.


With 15, full-length tests astutely identical to the GMAT in question type and pattern and scoring algorithm and including several distinctive features, the Experts’ Global GMAT mock test package can be availed at the same price at which other services offer six, at most. The higher number of tests allows the student the opportunity to practice regularly, and thereby, build endurance and a stronger grasp of the concepts.

Self-Study Resources

A repository of self-study resources further distinguishes the Experts’ Global mock test series. Each mock is accompanied by a video instruction that explains not only the solution to the question but also the most efficient approach to solve the same. Thus, the student can also master time-saving strategy for the exam. This package is further bolstered by a 10 part e-book series on sentence correction videos. A most composite e-book series, these videos assure that the students are well prepared to ace the sentence correction segment on GMAT.Needless to say, Experts Global’s GMAT mock test series is the most composite GMAT test series that excels in every important aspect for determining mock series quality, besides including innovative features