Adam Seger – Skills You’ll Learn From Cocktail Making

Getting into cocktail making for myself, family and friends has definitely been one of the coolest things that I have done for some time. It all started when my wife gave me a book by Adam Seger, the brilliant barman and master cocktail maker, and I started to make my way through. Prior to getting this book I have to be honest that my alcohol consumption was pretty much based around wine and beer, but this took things to a new level.

There is actually so much that cocktail making can teach you, and these are the things which I have learned so far from this new hobby and passion of mine.

Understanding How Flavors Work

Before I started making these drinks I wasn’t really much of an expert on flavors or flavor profiles of food or anything like that. This may not have been the case before, but as soon as I started to learn about these different drinks, I realized that there was so much to learn and understand. The truth is that even if you were like me and you had no idea about the different flavors which could be combined, you will so learn. There were flavor mixtures which I thought sounded absolutely crazy, but once I put them together I realized how great they tasted. This is definitely something you will learn.

How to Enjoy a Drink

Many of us think of cocktails as good drinks to get you drunk, but the reality is that there is so much more to these drinks than that. This is why I often say to people that making cocktails really does teach you how to enjoy a drink. Because of the fact that you have to consider all of the flavors which make this drink, you then appreciate it so much more when you actually it down and take a sip.

Learning What People Like

This has been the most fun aspect for me, learning exactly what it is that people like. You get to understand what people like incredibly quickly once you start serving them up a couple of samples and this means that you can then introduce them to cool drinks which they are going to enjoy. I love giving someone something new and them loving it, there really isn’t anything better than this. Try it with your friends and see if you can get their taste profile on the money!

Throwing Bottles

Alright, this one is admittedly a joke, the reality is that cocktail making will not teach you how to throw bottles about like Tom Cruise, you can learn that on your own if you like. I haven’t tried and my wife would go pretty crazy if I did!

In all seriousness this is a super fun way to have a good time with friends, to learn a new skill and to really take some extra appreciation for drinking and enjoying different flavors.