What Students Are Suggesting About How to Improve American Education

An international study conducted some time ago showed that Americans who are 15-year-olds have a poor reading habit and perform poorly in mathematics. For this reason, you need an assistance with reading or math assignment help. Little wonder the achievement gap between high and low performers has widened in American schools today 

The question is, what is the reasons for this poor reading habit among young American students, and what are the necessary steps that need to be taken to rectify this situation? The paragraphs below will provide you with relevant suggestions from some students to improve the American educational system.


  • Put less pressure on students.

One of the most significant drawbacks observed in the American education system today is the pressure placed on students to perform well in school so they can get admitted to a good college. Because students are under this pressure, they get assignment help online, they focus only on their performance, and although it does help, they need to take away more of what they are learning.

  • Provide more money and support to teachers and other educational stakeholders 

According to American students, teachers are seen as people who are paid peanuts for the services they render. You hear young people being told “Don’t be a teacher, they are not well paid.” or “How can you live a comfortable life earning a teacher’s salary. Hence the future generation of potential teachers are advised and discouraged from going into the profession because of the low salary.

  • Make lessons as engaging possible. 

Some students struggle when all the teacher does is say, “Go to page Y” and asks you to read it. But then just reading something is not as useful as a teacher making it engaging and interactive. Besides a textbook does not answer all questions, that can be given by a well-trained teacher.

Hence, when students face difficulty in any given topic, they can seek help from their teacher and expect a reasonable answer. Hence having a teacher that does not only make the class interactive but brushes off questions makes students find learning boring. 

  • Create better learning environments.

When kids are introduced to a school, at a young age, they are already convinced that the school is the last place they want to be. Making a school a more welcoming place for students can quickly help them to feel comfortable, and more empowered as they get acquainted with their learning environment. This can ultimately improve their test scores, as well as their attitude during school hours. 

  • Put less importance on grades and test score 

Some students see this as a weakness in the American education system. Students are so worried about grades and test scores because they are made to believe if they make low grades, they cannot be successful in life. The consequences are that some students will be under stress to meet up with the academic expectations hence a rise in the suicide rates among teenagers. Students should be made to know that their GPA is not an accurate measure of their intelligence or ability to learn. 

  • Limit use of Technology in the classroom 

With the extensive use of the internet among students, they now have smaller vocabularies. When they come across a word, instead of taking out time to learn and internalise the meaning, they just quickly look it up online. This also applies to fact and figures in other subjects. For instance, if students are asked to balance an equation in algebra, they can seek help online. This makes students lazy and unmotivated to learn new things. 

Finally, the problems encountered in the educational sector in American today are quite challenging, and there is not one big solution that can fix all of them at once, but little by little the suggestions made by these students can create a change.