The Benefits of a Modern Office

Keep Those Copies Coming

There are some office machines that are so useful, we wonder how we ever lived without them. The copy machine was an absolute game-changer when first brought it into the office. Carbon paper was often used when typing a letter or a document on the typewriter and that gave you a copy or two, but to be able to run off multiple copies in black and white or color in just a few seconds is so phenomenal. It has really made office work a breeze. They are so great that most of us have them at home too.   

Laminators Save the Day

When you think of a laminator, you think of a paper document sealed in a film to be used over and over again. You do not have to throw things away because they are dirty, wrinkled, or smudged. You can make something and reuse it many times. This really saves resources. Did you know that laminators are not only great for past and future offices but are also great at home? Did you ever think of these uses for a laminator:

Make a chore chart. Every parent wants a chore chart for their kids. When you have created a chore chart, you can laminate it and use it every week. You do not have to throw it away and create another or use more paper. You can put a child’s name on it and let them know what they need to do this week. At the end of the week, erase and start again. End of fighting, end of stress.

Make a reusable calendar page. Create a calendar page for every month of the year. Before writing on it, laminate it. When things change during the month, as they always do, you can just wipe it away and write in the new date. Again, this saves paper and is a great way to keep organized.

Simplify your grocery list. You know that when you go to the store, you usually buy the same things each time you go. With a laminated grocery list, you can circle the things you need, add a few new items on the bottom, and your shopping list is done. They say we spend less money when we shop at the store with a list. So there you go. Organization and money-saving in one easy step. 

Identify your luggage. If you travel a lot or a little, an easy-to-spot luggage tag is just what you need. When you are looking for your black suitcase, that seems to be all you can see on the luggage carousel—lots of black suitcases. With an original, bright luggage tag, you will be able to spot yours immediately and head to your hotel. 

Keep recipe cards readable. When you find a recipe you love, before you start cooking, laminate it. It will only take a few minutes. When you are done, you will have a recipe that can be wiped off and is always readable. When you are cooking and you have a recipe by you that is not laminated, they can get looking pretty messy by the time you are done. Laminate them and they will look great! 

Make Way For the Computer

What did we ever do without a computer? We typed things on a typewriter; that’s what we did. A typewriter was a useful piece of equipment back in the day, but wait until you made a mistake. Out came the white-out or chalk-backed paper and corrections were made. When your letter or document was done, you could hold it up to the light and see all the corrections you had made. Not a pretty sight. 

We all know what we can do with a computer. A quick backspace is all we need to do to fix an error when typing. The keyboard is much easier to type on than a typewriter and our typing speed increased from using a typewriter. Plus, you can save your document and pull it up again to work on it. Computers have revolutionized how office work is done.

Technology in the office has created some amazing things. It is nothing like working in an office long ago. We are far more productive than office personnel from years past. What will they think of next? With the speed new devices are coming out, we will see what the future holds very quickly.