Crypto brokers – who are they and how do you find one?

Since many newbie traders have lots of interest in cryptocurrencies, we will explain how to find a good crypto broker to trade with confidence, knowing someone you can turn to when you are unsure what the right move is. 

We intend to break down everything, from what a crypto broker is and what is the difference between them and a “regular” one, how to search for one, and what every broker, including crypto ones, have to have to be qualified to work (and not pull a scam on you).

What is a crypto broker?

Even though it’s self-explanatory, it does no harm to write a “definition” of what a crypto broker is. An example of a crypto broker focuses solely on cryptos since they decided to dedicate their time and knowledge and expand it in that direction. They probably figured out they are more cut out for cryptos than other trading areas, therefore deciding to join the crypto broker team. Their goal is to help clients interested in crypto and lead them to the right path, eventually making them independent enough to trade on their own. Of course, you will always need a broker since you need a third party for trading, and it’s good to have an expert by your side no matter how knowledgeable you are. It also gives crypto brokers a specific advantage since many are interested only in cryptos. 

They also have to obtain a license and a certificate, and a good reputation can’t harm if they want to become a wanted broker to work with.

How to spot a good crypto broker

Information on crypto brokers is widely available on the internet, which is a good and a bad thing. It can mean the latter if you are too lazy to do much research and click on the first one that pops up. Don’t set yourself for failure before you even began. Broker reviews can help you sort out who could be the right crypto broker for you and who wouldn’t. What sets a crypto broker from a regular one is that they are also very active on social media such as Twitter. Check out if they have any social media and what they post. Are they consistent with posting? Is it interesting as it is informative and educational? Do they share anything else besides? Are they focusing on business, or they tend to bring a little humor into it? Keep in mind top crypto brokers (on Twitter) are crypto traders. They were brokers but got out of it and now earn money from educational courses on crypto trading, trading by themselves, etc. It’s a good thing to click the “follow” button since they can have a lot of useful and short information daily while you have your crypto broker by your side as well.

What are a Crypto license and a certificate?

Having a license and a certificate is a must if you want to be sure you are working with a serious company. A crypto brokerage’s credibility is essential since you will be investing your money, and you don’t want it to waste. We have to respect any certified company that deals with crypto because the law is different and every country, and it changes ever so frequently. You can check if the company you are interested in has a certificate and a license by looking up regulator websites. These act as insurance that trading companies on the list are legit, and you are secured.

In the end

To be sure, double-check everything, and once you’ve opened a trading account, pay attention to what your crypto broker tells you. Be sure to research on your own and stay on track with crypto news. Be patient since the market is volatile and tends to push you into an impulsive decision. That’s why you need to have a goal and a solid trading plan that you can adjust as you advance. Good luck!