Lingerie and self-care – can wearing lingerie inspire you to stay fit and healthy?

Of course, the physical act of wearing lingerie isn’t a recognised fitness regime. There are no physical health advantages to slipping into a sexy pair of knickers. However, the emotional and mental health benefits of wearing lingerie can be powerfully motivational – which is something that we would like to explore a little further in this article. Let’s take a look under the hood and answer the question:  Can wearing lingerie inspire you to stay fit and healthy? 

Lingerie is a powerful motivator 

Remember that you are beautiful as you are, no matter what. However, if you have a desire to lose a little weight and tone up your body, then buying and wearing lingerie can be a powerful motivational tool. This is because when you wear lingerie it’s hard not to feel sexy – and that feeling is incredibly addictive! It also reminds you of just how lucky you are to have a body like yours – and that you should be mindful of taking better care of it. 

So, if you’ve been a little out of touch with yourself lately and perhaps haven’t felt so confident in your own skin, get online and buy some sexy lingerie in Australia. Marvel at your glorious body in the mirror and work your way back toward yourself. Be reminded of how powerful and sexy you are and you may just feel motivated to start nurturing your body once again. 

When you look absolutely smoking in lingerie, it’s something that you will want to maintain. Having a positive mental image of yourself and remembering what it’s like to love your body is crucial in staying motivated to take care of it. So, while the physical act of wearing lingerie doesn’t keep you fit and healthy, the mental health benefits that it brings certainly can! 

Wearing lingerie is great for your mental health 

When you aren’t feeling so good about yourself and you begin to lose touch it can have an exponentially negative effect on your life. If you want to take back control and start feeling positive about yourself, and life in general, buying and wearing lingerie is a great place to start! 

  • Boost self-esteem 
  • Gain more confidence
  • Feel better in your own skin 
  • Explore your sexuality 
  • Take control 

It may sound like pie in the sky but we challenge you to try it. Wearing lingerie can change your life in many ways. For example: if you’ve been struggling at work lately and have been lacking confidence in your ability, wearing lingerie to work, underneath your uniform, may be able to give you the boost you need. 

Want to close down a new client? Outshine your colleagues and dominate the office? Need that extra confidence boost to smash a new job interview? Slip into some sexy lingerie and the confidence will be emanating from you. 


Again, lingerie doesn’t have magic qualities that will keep you fit and healthy. The key to staying fit and healthy is regular exercise and a balanced diet. However, being able to maintain that kind of lifestyle requires a certain level of self-love and confidence. When you wear lingerie and you are reminded of just how glorious and beautiful you are, it serves as a powerful motivator to be good to yourself and nurture that deity-like vessel of yours!