Why a solo holiday could be the best thing for your mental health

Having alone time and a change of scenery can do wonders for your mental state. Solo holidays are an amazing way to do that. Being able to move by yourself and go exactly where you want to go is a nice way to gain new experiences and at the same time get a chance to have time for yourself.

What are the benefits of solo travel?

When travelling with family and friends you sometimes have to compromise on the activities you engage in or the places you might go to. With solo travel you don’t have to do that. Going when you want and where you want and doing the things you want to do is an amazing way to unwind.

Catching up on sleep

One of the amazing ways of solo travel is that you are on your own schedule. That means that you can spend as much time sleeping as you choose. Rest and relaxation is one of the amazing benefits of going on holiday. Travelling with others may inhibit your ability to do that. While there are lots of fun activities to do on a holiday, some people want to just sleep.

Save money

Having to only pay for one train, bus or plane ticket or hotel room is going to put a lot less stress on your pocketbook and yourself. Not to mention to be able to dine alone. Travelling solo is way less expensive than travelling with friends and loved ones.


Solo travel also gives you the ability to make spontaneous decisions without worrying about how they affect others. Trains to York give you the opportunity for a quick weekend getaway. Having the flexibility to go dancing or go to an art exhibit is quite liberating. When travelling with family members, friends and especially kids, planning things out ahead is a must. It can be a lot more fun going to a big city like Paris and New York and letting the spirit of spontaneity hit you.

Getting to know yourself better

Solo travel gives you an opportunity to be more introspective. Putting yourself in unfamiliar situations will give you a chance to find out things about yourself that you may not have known before.

Of course, trips with friends, family and loved ones are an amazing way to have joint experiences. That said, the experiences that you get from solo travel should not be underestimated. Do yourself a favour and try it at least once in your life.