Tans jump on the Organic bandwagon

Tans jump on the Organic bandwagon ... good news for the environment?
Photo by CC user Onetwo1 on English Wikipedia

Nowadays, almost everyone is jumping on the organic bandwagon, and it’s not just organic foods which are in high demand. Organic cosmetics are also a steadily growing industry. But what exactly does it mean for a tanning product to be classified as organic, and what are the benefits of going organic with your spray tan?

Organic certification requirements do vary from country to country, however the certification usually refers to standards around the growing, the storing and the processing organic goods. In Australia, “The Australian Certified Organic Standard” covers all aspects of farming, stating that the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, and Genetically Modified Organisms are strictly prohibited.

Although when it comes to cosmetics and spray tanning products, the lines between inorganic and organic have a tendency to be blurry. What always remains a steadfast rule, is that organic cosmetics and organic spray tan products should never contain any artificial preservatives or harsh chemicals. Organic tanning products should always contain naturally based ingredients which are certified organic. Ensuring that no harmful toxins are absorbed into your face or body through the epidermis (outer layer) of your skin.

All organic spray tan products should be free from synthetic dyes, oils, or alcohols and the various cocktails of chemicals which are used in traditional spray tanning products. These factors make organic spray tanning an outstanding choice for people who wish to experience the many benefits of spray tanning, but without being subjected to the harsh chemicals used in other non-organic spray tanning solutions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that organic fake tanning products do not contain any artificial preservatives in them, so they tend to have a shorter life on the shelf. This problem is easily solved by storing your products in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and heat.

The rise in the demand (due to the wide range of benefits organic products offer) fake tanning companies are jumping on the Organic bandwagon too. Many new organic spray tan solutions are entering the market to meet the growing demand for these products. Here are some of the main benefits which organic fake tanning and skincare products offer:

  1. Every organic tanning product introduced in today’s market is created specifically with the consideration that it will only bring beauty to and pamper the skin. Products’ which are not organic creation is not based on this pure intention, as profit is also most definitely taken into account. Organic tanning products have your skin’s best interests at heart.

  2. Natural and organic ingredients are more far more easily absorbed by the skin. As it’s crucial for a fake tanning solution to be well absorbed by the skin, using organic fake tanning products ensures an even tan that lasts longer.