How to Follow Up a Hugely Successful PRINCE2 Project


Reaching the end of a project is something that tends to bring mixed feelings for those involved in it. While it is fantastic to see the end results, there may also be some nagging concerns about what comes next?

Will there be a comedown once the work is finished? Maybe your PRINCE2 team will struggle to get motivated for the next piece of work after this one is over?

To make sure that you keep producing terrific projects with worthwhile benefits, you could try one or more of the following ideas.

Take a Break

Have your team been working hard on this project for a long time? Some PRINCE2 pieces of work can run for months or years before they are finally completed.

This means that the team could be mentally drained as well as physically exhausted. This is especially true if the project was highly troublesome or involved long hours and extensive travelling. Do they look jaded and in need of some time off before the next project starts up?

Ideally, you will give the team a well-deserved break once this piece of work reaches a successful conclusion. This is an ideal time for them to take some days off or to sort out their PRINCE2 Training Dublin .

Praise and Reward Team

When you get to the end of project review stage, it can be easy to forget to praise the people who got you there. With so much going on, overlooking the PRINCE2 workers who ran the project is a common mistake.

Yet, it should be simple enough to give them the praise and rewards that they deserve. Maybe you will organise a special meal for the staff or give a speech thanking them all. Perhaps some team members will get a wage increase or promotion to a more senior role.

By doing this well, you will make it easier for the project team to stay motivated for the next challenge ahead.

Work Out How to Make the Next Project Even Better

Was this project as good as you had expected it to be? If you stuck to PRINCE2 principles then you will have planned it carefully and should have got excellent results in the timeframe that you planned it for.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t make the next project even better, though. In fact, improving your work to make the next project even better should be the next logical step.

Will you opt for a bigger team, switch around some roles or maybe get the business users more involved? There are lots of different ways of making things better that you can think about adding.

Choose the Right Project for Next Time

So, what comes next after a terrific project has ended? You will want the next one to be even better but how can you make sure that is? Clearly, choosing the right project plays a big part in this.

Is there a second part or continuation of the project you just finished that you can now begin? Or is there some other piece of work that could bring massive benefits to your business if you sort it out just now?

You will want to keep the good feeling generated by the last project flowing by choosing the right project to follow it up with. Get it right and you will be sure to enjoy another successful piece of work.

Don’t think that successfully getting to the end of a PRINCE2 project is the end of the story. Carry on working in the right way and you can expect to generate even more success in the future.