How to Increase Motivation Levels in Your PRINCE2 Team

Running projects is a whole lot easier when you have a PRINCE2 team to do it for you. However, that doesn’t mean that you will be completely free of issues from now on.

One problem you might find is that of your team losing motivation over time. It is only natural that this happens at some point and for one reason or another.

Finding a way of boosting your staff’s motivation levels again is crucial to your success. How can you do this to the greatest effect?

Give Them a Project That Really Matters

Anyone can feel jaded if they are continually given boring projects that don’t seem to have any obvious benefits for the business. Yet, PRINCE2 is perfect for producing hugely worthwhile pieces of work that really make a difference to the business.

This means that it is a great idea to choose a new project that the team can genuinely feel proud of. Will it make life a lot easier for the end users or will it give the whole company a huge boost in one way or another?

Once you have chosen this project, it is vital that you let the team see how important it is. By letting them see how big a difference they will make you should increase their motivation at a stroke.

Let Them Choose Their New Project

Another possibility is that you have a few different potential projects to assess. Perhaps they all have a roughly equal degree of urgency. Which one should you choose to keep everyone involved as highly motivated as possible?

A good decision is to let your PRINCE2 team choose the project themselves. This will give them the opportunity to pick something that truly interests them.

Of course, to do well you need to have total confidence in your project team. Do you feel that they will choose wisely and then carry out an excellent project from start to finish?

Keep Their Personal Development on Track

There are few things that make motivation levels drop more than a lack of personal development opportunities. If your team members don’t feel as though they have the chance to learn and progress then they will feel as though their development has been neglected.

Yet, it should be fairly easy to keep them satisfied by ensuring that their personal development moves in the right direction all the time. There are many, diverse skills that a project worker needs and this gives you the chance to keep everyone happy.

There are different types of PRINCE2 Course Dublin depending upon the experience level of the people involved. You can then think about all of the other different skills that they will need to run the projects you have lined up next.

Have a Clear Plan for Their Careers

Following on from the last point, do your PRINCE2 team members understand the direction that their careers are moving in? This is another point that is very important if you want them to remain satisfied and as highly motivated as possible.

Fortunately, this is something that is easier to do in project work than in most other areas. For a start, you will have business analysts. They might be divided up into junior and senior roles.

You will then have project managers or leaders, who may again be differentiated through the use of junior and senior titles. Therefore, your team members will have a clear path towards the more senior roles in your company.

By following these tips, you can keep your project team highly motivated and ready to produce fantastic results on every piece of work you pass to them.