How to choose the right vessel sink in the bathroom?

The variety of sinks makes it difficult to buy vessel sink, and even choosing one is not easy. Bathroom vessel sinks continue to be at the top of the list in terms of demand. As more and more vessel sinks from well-known brands, appear on the international market of sanitary ware today, it makes sense to study the rules of selecting a suitable sink. Authoritative designers offer several tips that make sense to follow when selecting a vessel sink.

Rules for choosing a vessel sink

Before you buy a sink, you need to look at it in a showroom and estimate the size. The diameter of the sink 17-20 inches looks great in the scheme, but these parameters are uncomfortable in daily usage. If it is a guest unit, such as units presented at the link (, these parameters of the sink will be fine, as such a sink will not be used often. If it is the main bathroom, and you need a sink for daily use, you need to give preference to a larger diameter sink, because all members of the family will use it daily.

Comfort is the main parameter

In case, we are talking about the main bathroom and its size allows you to install a cabinet width of 60 inches with a countertop, you should not opt for two adjacent small sinks. Preference should be given to one large sink. The high comfort parameters that will be provided will dictate such a choice.

Make it easier for yourself to clean

When installing a vessel sink, it is important to have a countertop around it that allows easy access for cleaning. It is essential not to leave “blind spots,” that is, areas that do not allow access to clean the surface around the sink.

Harmonious color combination

When choosing a sink, you should pay attention to the compatibility of the white shade of the sink and toilet bowl. If you ignore this, you get a noticeable dissonance of colors (color variation is possible from bluish-white to milky hue). To avoid such a problem, you need to check the color match of the two sanitary devices before buying in the store.