Home Security Hacks – The 6 Most Effective Ways to Protect Your Family

Home Security

Most of us have home insurance to protect our valuables in the event of a break-in, but the highest level of coverage in the world can’t protect us from the real cost of an invasion of privacy. There is no way to replace sentimental items should they be stolen, and it is hard to measure the psychological impact of such an event. Many people are left feeling violated, unsafe, and fearful for their safety and the safety of their family.  Here are six ways you can make your home as secure as possible to deter burglars:

Smart Locks

The humble lock and key have had a technological upgrade, and people everywhere are jumping on board the smart lock revolution. With the capacity for Bluetooth integrated smart locks to be activated via your mobile, there is no more stress over whether you locked the door when you left. A simple press of a button will secure your home. Digital locks can also be configured to allow access to tradespeople or Aunty Doreen when she comes to stay, and many can even track different codes for the same lock, so you can tell whether your teenager has been sneaking out at night.

Switch Up Your Routine

Thieves love predictability. They will watch a neighborhood before breaking into a house, and a routine that you could set your clock by makes for an easy target. Some people combat this by purchasing lighting timers that can switch on lights or the television while you are not home, giving the illusion that someone is there. Make sure that you vary the timing frequently to make it as convincing as possible.

Get a Dog

A dog may be man’s best friend, but they are a burglar’s worst enemy. Whether it is a smaller dog that barks when people enter the property or a giant dog that makes people think twice about opening the gate, having a dog in the yard is often enough of a deterrent to make a thief think twice about choosing your home to rob.

Think about Disposal

When you buy a new laptop, big screen television, or home appliance, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to put the box out next to your trash. Evidence of a recently purchased expensive item is a magnet for a thief who is looking for their next home to target. So next time that you treat yourself to something new dispose of the packaging carefully and discretely.

Install a Motion Sensor Light

As well as using lighting timers internally, consider a motion sensor light outside. The last thing that a burglar wants when they are breaking in is to be lit up under a spotlight. For this reason, a motion sensor light in your front yard is a better deterrent than a lighting timer.

Remove Hiding Places from your Front Yard

Thick bushes or shrubs near your front doors and windows may add lovely street appeal to your home and help maintain your privacy, but they also provide the perfect hiding spot for potential thieves. The more exposed your front yard is, the less attractive it becomes to a robber who is trying to pick the window lock or smash the glass without anyone noticing.

Take these preventative measures now, and you can feel comfortable knowing that your family is as safe and secure as possible.