Use the cutter safely even with your eyes closed, EZ CUT.



People often use the knife at home, school, and work. In the situation where the knife should be use, everyone inevitably thinks of the safety first since it involves a risk of getting injured on the hands or any other body parts. Especially when children use the knife, adults around them must take extra care of them. A knife is a must have tool in our lives which requires to pay a lot of attention in use – sometimes, bit too much.

If you felt it takes too much effort to use normal cutter knife, there is a perfect product for you which now available in Kickstarter. EZ CUT, an ultimate cutter knife which can cut fast and safely on any surfaces. It is so safe that you can even use it with your eyes closed, which shows its exceptional safety when using it.

A perfectly safe blade, result of numerous tests.

EZ CUT’s exceptional safety is a result of numerous tests conducted to create a perfect blade. First of all, the thickness of the blade was made with zero risk of hurting the user but yet can perform just as a blade of the normal cutter knife. Blade was made to be 6mm long, since it is the optimal length of the blade that can cut the box without damaging the product inside the box. It is also Teflon coated and allows easy cutting without stickers and tape sticking on the blade.

Cut easily on any surface with L shaped supports.

There is an advantage that only EZ CUT has among all the cutter knives in the market don’t. It has L shaped supports on each side of the blade which allows the user to cut quickly and safely on any surfaces including flat surface, curved surface and even on the edges. On the flat surface, these supports help the cutter to cut in the exact direction. By aligning the L shaped supports with the edge, you can easily cut the edges as well. Also, on curved surfaces, L shaped supports minimize the slip and provides stability to the user when cutting.

Extra safety and convenience on the storage.

EZ CUT’s integrated magnet makes it simple to attach it for storage to any metal door or wall. The product has a hole at the bottom which makes it easy to hang it up and store it. Additionally, it has a built-in safety cap to protect your hands from the blade and allow safe storage.

EZ CUT is now being funded on Kickstarter.

EZ CUT, which even can be used easily and safely when blindfolded, is now being funded on Kickstarter. Search EZ CUT on Kickstarter for Kickstarter only price and pledge for the cutter which can be used by anyone to cut anything fast, easy, and safe!