Home improvements for long-lasting results


Homes, like all properties, lose their shine with time and it is important to constantly make improvements to keep your home a comfortable and pleasant place to live in. We spend more time in our homes than almost anywhere else, and the condition of our living environment has a pronounced effect on the way we feel about life.

However, many of us lead busy lives, which makes it easy to ignore maintenance tasks in our homes and it can be difficult to find the time to make the necessary improvements. To keep your home in tip-top shape, you need to focus your valuable time on making the improvements that last the longest and require the least maintenance.

Update your kitchen

Kitchens become less pleasant over the years, due to wear and tear and the simple fact that kitchen styles change with time. Often, it is the smaller details that look dated and worn, such as knobs and handles or cupboard doors. Luckily, these are easy to replace, and you can go a long way in updating your kitchen by simple redecorating, rather than completely refurbishing the room. Re-flooring your kitchen can also have very visible effects very quickly – without breaking the bank.

Add window shutters to a room

As a long-lasting improvement, window shutters are an excellent idea. Compared to curtains and blinds, full height or café style shutters are extremely durable and are easier to clean and maintain than alternative window coverings. Windows shutters are elegant and classic in their design and can instantly add a more luxurious feel to a room.

Real wood flooring

The floors in your house require constant refreshing, with carpets lasting only a limited period of time. Tiles are prone to cracking and the grouting will become dirty over time, but a real wooden floor can last a lifetime. Instead of frequently re-carpeting, try floors that are made of solid wood, not laminate or hardboard. Wooden floors can be sanded down and refreshed, time and time again.

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Do a loft conversion

Space is at a premium in many homes, and confined spaces can make your home much less enjoyable. If you have a loft, think about converting it into an additional room. Loft conversions are both quirky and stylish, will add value to your home and make a long-lasting change to the way you experience your place of living. It may be an intensive improvement option but the benefits are significant and will be there for the next occupant to enjoy.

Install roof and window insulation

Winter time can be very cold and the amount of energy spent on heating homes is enormous. If your home does not yet have double-glazing on windows, think about changing your windows so that your home is easier and cheaper to keep warm in the winter. Insulation in the ceiling has the benefit of keeping heat in, but also keeps heat out – your home will be cooler and more comfortable on summer days if your roof or attic is well insulated.

Create a conservatory

Giving up space in your garden can be a tough decision, but the extra space afforded by a conservatory makes for much more comfortable living all year round. No matter what the weather, a conservatory is a long-lasting improvement to your home, letting you enjoy the winter sunshine while staying warm indoors. Surveys show conservatories produce some of the best returns on investment when it comes to selling your home, so this is an improvement really worth considering.

Perk up your front door

You don’t see your front door much once you are inside your home, but it is still the gateway to your domestic life and it can leave a very potent first impression. If your house currently has an old or uninteresting door, think about replacing it with a fancier design, or painting it a different colour. Tidying up the front door area by adding some potted plants or new tiles will also be a major improvement.

Homes are an important part of our lives – they are where we eat, sleep and relax. When choosing where to spend your time and money in the home improvement arena, think about which projects will have the most enduring effect on your home and your ability to enjoy it. Pick projects that reduce further need for maintenance, if you can, and opt for quality workmanship and material wherever possible, ensuring you enjoy the improvements you have made just that bit longer.

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