4 Ways to Lessen Odds of Being in a Car Accident


While no one asks to be in a car accident, it ends up happening to just about anyone and everyone who gets behind the wheel at some point.

As even the safest of drivers can tell you, it oftentimes is the other driver who is at fault for the accident.

Now, while that certainly is not always true, many people driving as safely as possible still end up with a fender-bender or two, in some instances much worse than that.

That said are there ways for you to lessen the odds of being in a car accident?

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Vehicle You Buy is Big Factor

So that you are able to reduce the chances you will be the next accident victim, make sure you cover all of your bases from driving safely to what your drive.

  1. What are you driving?

If things properly fall into place for you, you will be driving a car or truck that you actually wanted all along, not the one you had to settle for due to finances etc. That vehicle is also the one where you know you’re as safe as can possibly be. Although many vehicles these days come with too many bells and whistles, having as many safety features as possible is always a good thing. When you are thinking about buying a new VW, make sure your new wheels come with plenty of safety features.

  1. What are your driving habits?

Are you someone who loves to push the envelope when you’re out on the road (see more below)? If so, you put yourself and others at risks each and every time you do that. Always remember to respect the roads and other folks behind the wheel. From obeying the speed limit to not drinking and driving, you have a ton of responsibilities when you get in that vehicle. Be sure to honor those responsibilities, remembering that driving is a privilege, not a right.

Don’t Tempt Fate with the Weather

  1. What are you thinking?

How many times have you gotten behind the wheel during a bad rainstorm, perhaps when the snow is coming down, or maybe even when ice has coated the roads? Unfortunately, too many drivers don’t think about such conditions until it is too late. They figure they can get to where they need to go without too much difficulty. Instead, they end up being another accident victim. Always proceed with extreme caution when Mother Nature is at her worst.

  1. What to avoid?

Finally, be on the lookout for a crime that unfortunately leads to many drivers and passengers being seriously injured or worse. Staged auto accidents are not as uncommon as you may think. They can take place in the blink of an eye, oftentimes leading to physical and financial distress for those individuals on the receiving end. If you unfortunately end up in such an incident, do not admit any fault. Get as much information as possible (including any eyewitness statements and/or video evidence) to show you were not at fault.

Being a Safe Driver is Worth It

Along with keeping you and your loved ones healthy, being a safe driver has many other benefits to it.

For one, you will keep your auto insurance rates lower than if you are racking up accidents and traffic tickets.

Two, you won’t end up potentially putting your career at risk, especially if you work in a field where you have to complete deliveries and/or other tasks related to driving.

Lastly, being a safe driver is something you can teach to your kids and even grandkids over the years.

When you pass along all the knowledge you have of being safe behind the wheel, your loved ones benefit greatly.

So, will you do all you can to avoid being in a car accident?

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