Broken Electric Meter: How to Deal With This?

A standard electric meter looks like a clock and records your electricity usage. 

As your home or business utilizes electricity from your area grid and power lines, the small gears inside the meter move. 

The dials then record the number of movements. These are the movements you see when you look at the meter. These movements coincide with usage: the more you consume, the faster it moves and vice versa. 

How to Deal With a Broken Meter

Like any other device, electric meters can break from time to time. 

Often, when this happens, it’s your responsibility to fix it, even if you are a tenant in the home. At times, this might require you to get an instant loan with no refusal. These come in rather handy for such emergencies, more so if you are forced to replace the meter, not have it repaired. 

To Replace or Repair

The first question homeowners ask when they have a faulty meter box is whether to replace or repair it. 

The answer to this question depends on the unique circumstances around the problem. 

When to Repair

There are minor repairable issues that often consist of broken hardware parts of the meter. As long as these can be purchased at the store, you can repair the meter box. 

Some of these include accessories, doors and lids, hinges and covers, and boxes. The most convenient place to get this item is from the manufacture or the manufacturer’s service store. 

Buying these items to make a replacement is much more affordable than replacing them.

When to Replace a Meter Box

Often, it’s more prudent to replace the box that makes repairs. 

This is mostly when:

1. It’s too old

If the meter box has given you significant years of service, it’s best to replace it. For induction meters, the expected lifespan is ten years. Static meters can give you up to 20 years of service. 

If your meter has served you for this long, it’s best to replace it once its breaks down. 

2. Too many repairs

At times, an electric meter will begin to give you constant problems such that you are repairing it every other day. 

While this might seem like a more affordable option, it’s actually not. 

When you tally up the labour costs and costs of replacing different parts of the box, the figures add up. If you find yourself in this situation, replacing it with a new model that will give 10-20 years of service is worth considering.

All in all, electric meters will give you years of service without breaking down. Always ensure to buy a trusted brand with a good warranty. Proper maintenance is also important in ensuring you get the most use out of it.