Where to Get Inspiration For Your Home Makeover

If you are looking to give your home a marabous makeover, it is time to start looking around of some inspiration. I have been trying to remodel each of the rooms in my house recently and I must be honest, I know little to nothing about interior design. Thankfully however, we are surrounded by influences which can inspire us, or even that we can completely copy from. The key is to know where to look, and work out which could fit in well with your home. Let’s have a look at where you should be finding your inspiration.

Company Websites

I was watching an interview recently with Gary Friedman. CEO of Restoration Hardware, and when I clicked through the the website afterwards, it suddenly dawned on my that there was a whole host of inspiring designs and influences, right there on the website. The best thing about using company websites to borrow some inspiration from, is that it is usually in fashion, and you can easily see what kind of patterns and color schemes work well with one another. If you are looking for inspiration then don’t just do your shopping with online DIY stores, steal their designs!


Pinterest is an absolute treasure trove of ideas and you can spend days and days searching through this site to get inspiration from others. Admittedly some of the ideas which you will find on this website are absolutely wild and less you are a highly skilled carpenter, you are unlikely to be able to replicate them. In amongst the stunning design ideas however, there are a great many cool and quirky style tips, some advice on budget makeovers, as well as some great inspiration in terms of what works best with what in the home.

Other People’s Homes

I must be honest, I never even knew what kind of color the walls were in my parent’s home until I started looking around for inspiration for my own home, such was my lack of awareness of such things. Once I had started my mission to become inspired for ways to decorate my own home however, I couldn’t help but look around people’s homes, trying to see what colors they had put with which patterns, how they designed their living area, what kind of features walls they had, etc. etc. etc. Now obviously you cant steal an idea wholesale as those same people may be around your house one day, but there is absolutely noting the matter with borrowing a style tip here and there.

Online Magazines

Just because print media isn’t what it once was, does not mean that there are not still many magazines which you can find online which will give you the inspiration which you need. Many of these magazines not only tell you what to put in your home, they can also tell you where to go and get it, perfect for a novice like me.