Flexible Pouches Can Keep Vitamins Fresh & Safe

When you manufacture health supplements, how those products are delivered to customers is important. You want to make sure that consumers are receiving the same high quality vitamins you’re producing. How you package your products can have a significant impact their condition when they finally hit shelves. When it comes to keeping supplements fresh and safe during transit and after purchase, vitamin pouches offer a wide range of benefits.

Offers Ideal Storage Environment

Vitamins require a specific environment to remain fresh and maintain their potency:

  • Air tight
  • Dry
  • Dark

An air-tight seal is one of the best ways to keep problematic factors such as bacteria from contaminating a bag’s contents. It can also protect against water and humidity, both of which can degrade supplements and create an atmosphere conducive to mold and mildew. However, the packaging material also plays a pivotal role in barring moisture, as a seal becomes next to useless if water can simply soak through the container.

Supplements also need packaging that’s truly opaque to protect them from light. Heat and the light itself can significantly degrade vitamins, so containers shouldn’t allow any degree of illumination through.

Flexible pouches can be manufactured with materials that meet all this criteria. In fact, they can often be produced with less material and still meet the same standards as jars and bottles.

Keeps Contents Out of Little Hands

Though vitamins can be a key part of health maintenance, consuming too many may lead to overdose. This poses a special danger to children, who may mistake vitamins for candy based on their small size, rounded shape and appealing color.

A good solution is to use child resistant packaging to prevent children from accessing such products altogether. Child-proofing has been a staple in the healthy product industry for a while; for example, twist-off caps on medication are frequently designed to prevent child access.

Nowadays, you can get the same feature in a flexible pouch. The addition of child resistant zippers can keep little ones safe without interfering with adult use.

Provides Convenient Storage Options

Well-made packaging should encourage consumers to follow optimal storage practices. However, a bulky container may force customers to store products where they fit, which can lead to less-than-stellar storage.

Flexible pouches provide convenience, as they can be flattened or folded to fit into a variety of spaces. They can also be made to stand upright, decreasing the chance of spilling in the event of improper closing.

Made With Durable Materials

Durable packaging is important for all products, but it’s especially vital for vitamins. Boxes that wear down or weaken over time may undermine freshness and child-proofing efforts, leading to problems after purchase. Since flexible pouches are made with the assumption that customers will fold, roll or carry containers around, the materials are specifically manufactured to endure prolonged use, thereby safeguarding the contents even over time.

Digital printed stand up pouches offer an excellent solution to the difficulties of packaging vitamins. Though there are many choices available to house your health products, flexible pouches offer more to both you and your customers. Consumers take note of packaging, so choose to create the best impression for your brand.