How Dogs Are Great For Your Health

‘How do dogs connect with your health?’ you may be thinking. Well did you know that dogs are actually associated with relieving stress? There are so many positives about having one of these canine companions. They truly are our best friends, will protect us from harm and are a beautiful addition to any kind of family unit. Just the thought of a dog wagging its furry tail and you end up smiling. So just why they are they so great for our health:

1.  Dogs Make Us Happy

Dogs are actually known to improve mood and in some instances keep depression at bay. Our dogs are so lovable that we cannot help but be happy when we see them with their wagging tails and goofy smiles. Even their wet kisses and bad breath are always welcome. I remember as a child, how when I had a bad day I would come home and my gorgeous fox terrier would be waiting for me and I would just wrap my arms around her and bring her close and everything felt right with the world again.

2.  They Bring The Whole Family Together

Spending time together as a family unit is really important and a happy family is a healthy

family. Dogs are great! They can be brought to picnics where the kids can play frisbee together with it. You can take them to dog-friendly parks. Some beaches even allow dogs – some even have a whole beach just dedicated to dogs and their families and owners. It’s a really beautiful thing to watch, all these dogs playing fetch and swimming in the ocean. Just gorgeous!

3.  They Help Us Keep Fit

Owning a dog leads to many sporting activities. Some people like to bike and bring their dog along on a lead. Most people like to walk their dogs – especially dogs living in apartments. This is great exercise and you get to spend quality time with your furry friend. Some people even love dancing with their gorgeous companions! You can even try yoga! If living healthy is your thing, check out Authority Reports.

4.  Dogs Protect Us From Heart Problems

Dog owners are known to have lower blood pressure lower cholesterol, and they also experience fewer heart attacks than people who don’t own any pets.

5.  Trained Dogs Can Detect Cancer

Certain studies have actually confirmed that dogs have the ability to detect skin cancer melanoma by just sniffing the skin lesions. Through even more studies, it has been confirmed that dogs are able to detect prostate cancer just by smelling a patient’s urine.

6.  Dogs Relieve Stress

Dogs have a really calming effect. It must be all that genuine and pure love pouring out from them that just soothes us and makes us happier. Biologically, studies have shown that dog owners have less cardiovascular reactivity during periods of stress. Dog owner’s heart rates, as well as blood pressure, tend to rise less and they go back to normal levels quicker than people who don’t own dogs.

7.  Dogs Help You Not Overeat

Come on, we’ve all done it. There you are, sitting at the dinner table eating a big piece of chicken and there is “Rover” sitting on your feet under the table, drooling. Secretly you may start passing him food. Well, actually everybody is doing this and finishing the plate happens to be easier when you own a friendly companion that will gobble anything and everything with you. Word of caution though, don’t do this too often as you have to think about your dog’s health as well and some food is poisonous to your dog such as avocados and mustard seeds.

8.  Dogs Help Make Children Healthier

Children who grow up with dogs are less likely to have eczema and tend to have fewer allergies. Now that I think about it I hardly have allergies and have never had eczema and grew up with dogs often having 6 dogs at once under my roof. According to Science Daily, children that grow up with dogs also tend to have fewer sick days. Also when dogs lick children’s (or adult’s) wounds, their saliva contains tissue factor which promotes the blood clotting mechanism.

9.  Dogs Literally Protect Your Life

Dogs are pack animals and naturally protect the pack. Dogs adore and love you and even the most stagnant of dogs will attack if any harm comes your way. Often they will put their life ahead of yours in order to protect you and your family. Never forget that. Dogs are family.

At the end of the day, dogs just make things seem brighter. Dogs are love encapsulated in furry form. Love them today and they will love you forever and watch how much healthier you will be!