EZ baccarat odds and strategy

If you have played baccarat before, then perhaps you are aware of the classical rules of baccarat, where players pay 5 percent commission if they win the banker’s bets. This is because the banker’s hand wins more often than the player’s does. This is how the casino earns its money. However, in EZ baccarat strategy, there is no commission that is paid after winning the banker bets. There is a rule where the banker hand does not win on a three-card total of 7. Instead, the bet pushed and players get their original bets back.

This difference drops the house edge of banker bet to 1.02%. While this may not make a huge difference in the short term, it is worth it over the long run.

EZ baccarat strategy also has an ‘insurance bet’ referred to as the dragon bonus bet. This bet pays the banker 40 to 1 on its rare hand with a total of 7 on the three card. Therefore, instead of pushing the hand, you are paid 40 times your original wager. The payout is definitely amazing, but you need to worry about house edge on such a bet.

To most players, the dragon bonus is not worth it, especially since you will be dealing with a house edge of 7.61%. This means, if the banker hand has three cards and is hitting 7, the payout is just 40 to 1 instead of 43.4 to 1 odds.

What makes the live baccarat worth playing is the 1.02% edge that is on the banker bets. Basically, EZ baccarat has to do more with the banker bet than players’.

Apart from the little difference, EZ is still the ordinary baccarat. The hand that wins is the one that gets closer to a total of 9.

In addition to that, the mode of drawing cards remains the same. Both the banker and player stands on totals of 9 or 8 and hits 5 and less. Players stand on 6 or 7. If player stands, the banker hits 5 or less.

Generally, just like in most side bets, the house edge in EZ baccarat strategy is bigger than that of the main game.