Key Benefits of Sprinkler Irrigation System for your Property

Who wouldn’t want to own a colorful garden with a lush lawn? You need just one thing in abundance to create and maintain such a garden – water. A well-fed garden is a sight to see, and that’s why you need an efficient sprinkler system to water your garden regularly. However, most of you may think that an elaborate sprinkler system is affordable only by mansion-owners or extensive golf courses with acres of well-maintained turf. 

Affordable Alternative

The truth is that they are affordable and help you save on water. It’s not just holding on to the water; you shouldn’t water your garden or lawn more than it requires, nor should it be starved of water. A water-logged or under-watered garden doesn’t thrive well. A sprinkler system ensures that your garden gets just about how much water it needs. 

Saves Precious Time

Also, a watering system ensures you don’t have to spend tedious hours in the garden, hand-watering it. What’s more is that you can customize the sprinkler system to suit sprawling gardens, or a small kitchen backyard, which will keep your plants and flowers vibrant in all seasons. 

Helps Protect the Environment

Installing an advanced sprinkler system in your garden ensures that you do your bit for protecting the environment. Such advanced systems deploy technically-tested timer mechanisms that use water in measured quantities. The built-in moisture sensors decide when it’s time to start watering the garden and when to stop. The goal is to conserve water, which is fast becoming a scarce commodity, by not over-watering your garden. 

Moreover, when you nurture a lush lawn, it helps absorb the carbon dioxide, ozone, and sulfur from the atmosphere, and release more oxygen into the areas surrounding your home. Your turf also helps keep your home cool and reduces your dependence on an air conditioner during the summer. With summer temperatures breaching 88.9° F in peak summer, you’ll be happy you have a cool lawn surrounding your home.

Enhances your Property’s Value

A home surrounded by a colorful garden and a vibrant lawn attract a potential property buyer’s eye. A modern irrigation system in your garden benefits you financially and adds value to your property. What’s more, you can deploy the money you save on water and electricity to other home-makeover projects that increase its sale value. 

Aesthetic Appeal

A lawn with patches of dead grass and unhealthy-looking grass is an eyesore.  Moreover, patches of dead grass promote weed growth, making your garden look horrible. In contrast, a well-watered garden is a cynosure and attracts envious glances from passersby. You’ll be happy you installed an irrigation system, especially during harsh summers, when your plants need water the most. A professional irrigation system helps avoid such a situation. Moreover, with measured watering, the entire lawn is watered evenly, promoting consistent growth. 

No Over-watering

Experienced sprinkler system technicians will consider the layout of your garden, the climatic conditions in your neighborhood, and the area of soil to be watered while planning the project. The team also plans an elaborate network of underground pipes that feed the sprinklers above the ground to ensure your garden and lawn are never over-watered. The nozzles’ pressure and direction are fixed precisely to use every drop of water to maximum benefit.

 Watering your garden with a traditional garden hose may provide the same results, provided you are watchful, though guesswork is never always accurate. It takes a modern sprinkler system using the latest technology to conserve water and use it gainfully. Come rain, and the sensors automatically switch off the sprinklers, without any need for manual intervention. 

Helps Maintain the Soil’s Nutritional Balance

The soil’s mineral resources are precious and essential for the luxuriant growth of your plants and turf. Hand-watering the garden tends to use up more of the natural resources present in the soil, often wasting most of it in the process. For instance, over-watering your lawn results in water runoff, which takes away vital nutrients along. 

With fewer nutrients left to nurture your lawn, it always looks under-watered and poorly maintained, despite spending so much time watering it manually. A systematic irrigation system helps conserve water and feed just about enough quantity to nurture your plants and lawn. 

Planned Watering Schedule

You can plan your watering schedule, thanks to the technology-based sprinkler system that lets you plan the precise hours you want to water your garden. You no longer have to wake up early in the morning to water your lawn (that’s the best time); you can program it in the system, which will take care of the watering schedule. 

Even while you are away on vacation with the family, your lawn never lacks water for a single day, as you can fix the watering schedule accordingly. If you are a frequent traveler, you can program your watering schedule accordingly, allowing the system to turn on and turn off the water automatically in your absence.

Summing it Up

A modern sprinkler system is a boon to homeowners and large property owners with extensive estates. These modern sprinklers use water economically and are akin to the drip-irrigation system, where every drop of water is used judiciously.