Why it is Important to Enjoy a Healthy Social Life in College

College students often feel overwhelmed, especially freshman who are new to college life. Students are not only trying to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives, they also want to get and maintain good grades. However, having a healthy social life is equally as important and shouldn’t be ignored. Being social is beneficial to your self-confidence, health, and happiness.

Helps Maintain Emotional Stability

People need to interact with others in their lives because humans are inherently social creatures. We have an innate need to interact with, talk to, and love other people so that we can feel fulfilled. Not only do we benefit from having friends there for us, but we also benefit from helping others. Friends and close family members help us deal with the stress of everyday life. Sometimes we are unable to think clearly when something is going on in our lives and talking to a friend can really help. This is why so many men and women will come home after a difficult day at work and talk about it with their partners. We also call our friends to help us work out problems or issues we are going through. It is very important not to ignore your emotions. All work and no play is not a healthy lifestyle. Giving yourself time to have fun and relax gives your brain a break and enriches your life. Making friends and connecting closely with others in college is as important in college as is getting good grades.

Attend Parties

Being away from home for the first time to many college students brings along with it a newfound freedom. No longer do you have to answer to your parents or adhere to curfews. If you want to stay out until 3 am, you can without worrying your parents or having to answer to them.  If you want to go to a party or a club with some friends, you not only can, but you should. Going to parties and clubs is part of the college experience. It will help you break out of your shell while giving you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Many students like to enjoy a Hookah in a social gathering or at a party to help them keep calm and relax. A hookah is used to smoke sweetened and flavored tobacco. Some of the available flavors are honey, molasses, and fruit pulp. There are many different types of hookah pipes that vary in size, style, and brand.

Get Involved

There is so much more to the college experience than just sitting in a classroom or studying for a test. Life on campus offers so many opportunities to get to know your school, build a professional network, and make friends. There are many activities, clubs, and student organizations you can join or participate in like:

  • The school paper
  • A club you start yourself
  • Intramural sports
  • Campus events such as concerts, lectures, and music performances
  • A part-time job
  • Teaching assistant or tutoring programs

It’s a Balancing Act

Some of the best lessons you can and should learn in college are how to manage your time and how to be self-disciplined. In order to be successful in college, you will have to carefully juggle your class time, studying time, social life, and even time for yourself for a well-balanced life. These time management skills are the same ones you will need to be successful in life after graduation where you will need to balance a job, social life, and family. It is not easy to develop good time management skills but there are some things you can do to help develop these skills. Try creating and adhering to a schedule where you have certain days and times for study and block out days and times for other activities including social interactions.

Life is a balancing act and there are only 24 hours in a day. Learning how to fit everything comfortably into your schedule can be a challenge but is certainly doable and will be well worth your efforts. Remember to make enough time for studying and socializing to get the most out of your college experience.