Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing for Fitness Professionals

The fitness industry has created a great influence on the market today. This is primarily because of fitness freaks who spread awareness about the importance of health and fitness in daily life. A lot of fitness professionals have made their presence on social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Among all these social media apps, Instagram is the popular choice of marketing for fitness professionals. Many users are curious about Instagram bots to grow faster. Due to its amazing features and a huge user base, Instagram has attracted many influencers from the fitness industry. There are over a billion users on Instagram, and around 90% of its users follow business profiles. These numbers are enough to prove that Instagram is a significant hub for promotion. For fitness professionals such as gym trainers, dieticians, and yoga instructors, Instagram can help them reach their desired audience.

Running a successful fitness page on Instagram is neither very easy nor that tough. It is mostly about your marketing strategy and how wisely you work on updates. The following are the ten tips that will guide you about Instagram marketing of fitness profile.

  • Create a profile page
    • This is the first step towards starting the marketing campaign on Instagram. All you have to do is to create a basic profile. It includes adding your name, profile photo, and bio where you can add some basic description of your services. Make sure that you keep your profile open to all users.
  • Switching your profile to Business profile
    • A standard profile will not add much to your fitness marketing campaign. You will have to switch your profile to a business profile page. Doing this is quite simple on Instagram. With the business profile, you will have access to exclusive features such as Instagram ads, insights, and contact information. Insights will give you a better understanding of the reach and engagement of your page. You can also promote your posts, stories, video ads, and IGTV videos. Know more.
  • Content development
    • Now, this is a crucial part of your fitness profile page. Your followers on Instagram will always expect authentic content from your side. So it is essential to develop good content that holds value for your audiences to generate more likes and followings. Make sure that you focus on the promotion of services that you provide while creating content. It is also essential to figure out the format in which you are going to post your content. Do some research and identify which format of posts/videos/stories suits your fitness page.
  • Equipment and editing
    • For creating promotional content in the form of photos, stories, and videos, you have to use good equipment. The quality of your pictures and videos depending on the camera that you use to shoot them. So it is recommended to use a good quality camera for the shoot. Also, to make your photos and videos more impressive, you can do some editing with the help of Insta video editor. You can also use Layout from Instagram to create photo collages and Boomerang to create small video loops. Your followers may find such content more engaging. Click here to find some editing options.
  • Using Hashtags and Link in Bio
    • Hashtags are crucial on Instagram. Hashtagging is an essential and very effective way of promoting your post on Instagram. You have to figure out the most relevant hashtags and add them to your post. Users will be able to find your post easily with the help of these hashtags. Adding a link in your bio is essential to direct your followers to your website or any landing page where they can avail of your services. Do not forget to mention the ‘link in bio’ in your posts.
  • Tag people
    • When you are promoting your fitness page on social media, especially on Instagram, you definitely have to do this. Tag people or tell clients who are associated with you in your posts. You can also tag other influencers whose profession is relevant to yours. By doing this, your posts will surely reach them. This way, it’ll have more chances of getting re-shared by them, and their followers might notice your profile too.
  • Before and after posts
    • Posting before and after photos of your clients is the best way to promote your fitness services, as there’s no better way to win attention than by showing results. By posting such photos on your profile, new clients will get motivated and develop trust in your training methods. Further, they may share your posts with other users too.
  • Instagram stories, IGTV, and reels
    • These three features are simply amazing to use on Instagram. Nowadays, users prefer to watch stories more than viewing posts on Instagram. So let’s bank on this opportunity! You can create stories regarding your training schedule or workout and post them regularly. Posting short videos through Insta reels is the latest way of engaging your followers. With the help of an ad maker, you can easily create an engaging advertisement and post it on IGTV. The IGTV feature allows you to post long videos on Instagram.
  • Consistency is the key!
    • You heard it right. This is something that’s common between the world of fitness training and social media! When you are running a fitness page on Instagram, it is crucial to put up regular updates. By posting daily content, your followers will give you more engagement and boost your page’s relevance and reach. Create a schedule of the content that you would like to post to avoid confusion and maintain consistency. You can select a specific time slot in a day to post your updates and then inform your followers about it beforehand to create anticipation as well.
  • Link your Instagram profile with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
    • Linking your Instagram profile with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles will always bring more followers to your page. You can share your Instagram post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter too. This will help your fitness page reach audiences on these platforms too, and more reach means more possible followers.

Effective implementation of these marketing tips will definitely help you boost your fitness page’s performance on Instagram.