Enjoy the Health Benefits of Fitness Videos for Seniors

As you get older your health can start to deteriorate in a number of ways. Unfortunately, this is part and parcel of the aging process. However, there are ways in which you can help to boost your health and well being, such as through the right diet and regular exercise.

For seniors who want to stay fit, there is no need to worry about joining a costly gym. There are a number of exercise DVDs and fitness videos for seniors, all of which are designed to help older people to develop a healthy and suitable fitness regime. Whether you want to just get fit or be able to enjoy looking and feeling like a young romantic, these exercises can help.

fitness videos for seniors

“Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise Program”

This is a fitness program that focuses on improving health in a number of ways for seniors. The fitness videos for seniors focus on aerobics, stretching, yoga, strength training, and balance. Some of the areas that the exercises aim to improve include muscle strength, bone strength, flexibility, cardio health, and circulation. All of these areas of health are ones that can suffer as you get older. With this program, however, seniors can help to minimize on deterioration in these areas.

“Easy Does It”

This exercise program has been developed by Craig Marcacci, a personal trainer from St. Louis. The exercises have been designed with the assistance of experts in geriatrics to ensure suitability for seniors. This fitness videos for seniors caters to those aged 75 and over who are interested in keeping fit and improving health. A variety of different routines are included, such as stretches, curls, and even dumbbell exercises. The workout focuses on strength and flexibility training but on a no-impact basis in order to reduce the risk of injury.


“Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams”

This fitness program enables seniors to benefit from gentle yet effective yoga exercises. These exercises can benefit older people in a number of different ways in relation to their health and wellbeing. This includes improving flexibility, improving balance, and aiding overall body strength. There are two versions of this fitness video available. One is a recording of a live yoga class with seniors aged from their early 70s to their early 90s. The other is an instructor-only video. This is a good choice for those looking for something gentle and simple, which will help to improve strength and flexibility.


“Older and Wiser Workout for Seniors and Active Older Adults”

Starring and directed by Sue Grant, this exercise program offers a safe and gentle routine for older people. This is designed for seniors and older adults who enjoy being active. It is ideal for those who have not exercised regularly for some time, as it involves a gentle and manageable workout. This includes sitting and standing exercises but no lying down routines. Low impact aerobic exercises and stretching routines are included in the workout. There are also several different levels for each routine, which means you can choose the one that best suits your fitness level.

“Chair Exercises for Seniors”

Gentle yet effective, this exercise program stars Bob Klein, who also directs the video. The routine involves mild exercises from a seated position, using disciplines such as Yoga, Tai-chi, and Chi-gung. The program aims to provide benefits such as joint movement, flexibility, and overall body strengthening. It also aims to improve breathing, help with positivity, and improve focus. All parts of the body are able to benefit from these exercises and the video is used by many nursing homes.