Advantages of Hiring a Video Production Company for Promos

Promotional videos are a major component of any kind of advertising thrust – they’re flashy and engaging, and are proven to generate far more interest and attention than simple flat images or text advertisements. 

Whether they’re intended to sell products, services, or drive engagement with an investment campaign, a promotional video is the best way to get eyes on anything your company needs them on.

Unconvinced? Consider:

  • A whopping six out of ten people would rather watch videos on the internet than on TV – which makes promotional videos the ideal format to get eyes on what you need them on most.


  • Nearly half of all internet users are already watching videos that push forward products, services, or new initiatives. If you need to capture online audiences, a promotional video is the ideal solution. Nothing is able to reach so many people, so easily. Promo videos also have the added benefit of being extremely receptive to targeting, whether through the options afforded by an advertising service, or through their design.


  • Just shy of 65% of users will make a purchase after seeing a branded video. That’s the power of social media and promotional videos, and what makes hiring a video production company so effective. Take advantage of the wide pool of prospects available on the internet and use videos to pull in conversions!


  • Last but not least: 81% of businesses are already using video marketing strategies and promotional videos. The race is on, and without promotional videos and video advertising, you’ll be competing with strategies that are completely last-generation. Take advantage of the digital age, and don’t get left behind!

When you reach out to a company for corporate video production, you get much more than a video – you get everything you need to make an effective video. 

Professional editors, equipment, creative input to steer the video towards your vision, and a deep well of experience in the world of both video production and how it relates to performance when on the market.

Take advantage of the company you hire to get a quality video out that will help get prospects looking at your latest product, service or investment drive.