3 Signs You Know a Divorce May Be Coming

Going through a divorce down the road is not something one imagines having to deal with.

As it turns out all too often, divorce does creep into one’s life even if they may not see it coming.

So, what are some signs you want to recognize that you and divorce may be meeting up after all one day?

Can You See the Writing on the Wall?

As much as you’d like to steer clear of divorce, it may get you anyway.

Among the signs to be looking for:

1. Your partner loses interest – The top sign that can jump out is your partner loses interest. They may well not do it out of spite. It may be more that they want to move on and have begun dropping some hints along the way. For one, you are spending less time together. Your partner may not be home as often as they were in the past. They also might be less inclined to be with you when they are home. This can mean going off in another room all too often. When they are home, the talk between you two dwindles. Last, the intimacy that may well had been in the relationship is also not what it once was. These are but a few of the signs things could well be in trouble.

2. Your partner is cheating – No one likes the idea of to think and discover their partner is cheating. That said it does in fact often happen in marriages. Among the signs to look out for is he or she is gone a lot, they are secretive about their phone calls and texts and more. It may come to a point where you decide to do some investigating. Some people even go to the point of hiring a private investigator. That person may end up following your partner at times to see where they go. They may document such activities via a record of times and places, taking pictures and so on. At the end of the day, you may need to non-aggressively confront your partner to get to the bottom of things.

3. Your partner gives you news upfront – Last, it may well come down to your partner saying they want to move on. As tough as that conversation can be, it can be a blessing too. No one wants to be in a marriage that is not going anywhere. In fact, it may well be a relief to hear the news that it is time to bring the relationship to an end. If you do go down that road, make sure your interests are not pushed to the side. Get whatever it is you want when it comes to a fair split of assets and so on. Once you have moved one, be sure you have all the needed paperwork in order so there are no questions to how it all ended. You may think about can I get a copy of my divorce decree online. Yes, there are resources available to help you with that and other things tied to your divorce.

While divorce can in fact be tough on one, know that your divorce allows you to pick up your life and move on.

So, do you see any signs coming your way?