So What Can The Apple Watch Really Do?

Soon enough, you'll be able to sync your Apple Watch with your iPhone to make some amazing magic happen ... photo by CC user janitors on flickr

There has been a lot of rumors surrounding the newest creation at one of the world’s most influential tech firms. The big debate of iphone vs. Android will always exist, but the newest big question of all however, is simply this: what can the Apple Watch really do? This post will share just a few ways this souped up wrist watch will change your life.

It can…

photo by CC user HLundgaard on wikimedia

help you pay for your coffee

Over the past few years, Apple has been getting into the swipe-to-pay market that the creation of near field communication has spawned in the marketplace. Intended to compete with Square (their main adversary in this space), Apple Pay is now accepted at retailers like Whole Foods, McDonald’s and Walgreens.

While users currently have to lug out their smartphones and book up the app in order to complete this function, you will be able to simply swipe your Apple Watch across the pay pad, saving you time while you safely keep your expensive iPhone snugly in your pocket.

photo by CC user 72098626@N00 on Flickr

track your fitness stats

With people becoming acutely aware of the health risks surrounding a sedentary lifestyle, more of them are becoming motivated to finally get their butts off the couch in an effort to get healthy. While this alone is laudable, there are many pitfalls along the way that derail one’s efforts.

By tracking fitness stats, one can see how they have improved over weeks and months, thus providing a positive feedback cycle of motivation that can keep one on the path to optimal fitness. The Apple Watch will be the most compact fitness tracking device that has hit the market to date, and seeing how it contains not only GPS connectivity that can suss out how many calories that you have burnt, but also a heart rate monitor, it has the potential to change the lives of innumerable people.

photo by CC user wonderlane on flickr

turn your lights off when you forget to do so

These lives, our lives are so hectic that we can forget to do the most mundane things. With the internet of things embedding itself in an increasing number of homes, there are apps coming to the Apple Watch that will allow to remotely control aspects of your household, such as heat and lights. While it may seem dangerous relying on one device to control so much of your home, you are safe as long as you set up a VPN router to secure your network.

Has it been an exceptionally cold commute home? Crank the heat so that your house will be toasty warm when you walk through the door. Rushed out with an overdue work project on your mind, and forgot to turn off the lights in your living room? An app can alert you to this fact once you’ve left, allowing you to turn them off with one press of a button on your Apple Watch.