MEM Concessions LLC discusses Patents that have revolutionized twenty first century living

MEM Concessions LLC is an industry, like most industries that is dependant on copyright. Some businesses rely solely on their copyrighted activity or recipe to ensure that they are top of their game. If everyone had the recipe for Coca-Cola, then there would be many companies all sharing in the profit and the success. Therefore, these trade secrets which are paramount to their success must be protected.

There are four different ways to protect any ideas or creations that are your intellectual property, that’s to say they are a result of your ideas or your creativity. Patents that changed the world and yes, we have all heard of them. Long gone are the days of the crazy inventor in the white coat with the enormous hair! Today inventions are more likely to be collaborations using technologies such as computers with prototypes created on 3D printers, once they were invented!

Take for example the iPhone, patented this century. The original patent did not give very much away at all about the device or how it actually worked. It is only listed as an electronic device. The iPhone, as we know, was not the first smartphone but it did revolutionize how a phone looked and it also was the first device that became more of a handheld computer than previous mobile phones had been.

As mentioned above, the 3D Printer was actually originally patented over thirty years ago, but this was ahead of its time. This patent does outline the basic technology used by the printer, but the technology wasn’t at a level, at this time, to truly highlight what a 3D printer could do. As technology improved so did the purpose of the 3D printer which can now construct bridges and even rocket engines.

How about the bionic eye, the device that has given people the ability to see again? The idea originally patented more than fifty years ago has now grown into something with real potential. Sight restoring devices can now be put straight into the patient’s retina and partial site has been restored to many. It is possible that this will continue to improve further as technology continues to advance.

GPS is something we now use without even thinking about it. We are out in the car get lost, we set our phone to tell us where we need to go next. We do not even think about the triangulation and satellite technology behind this invention. The first real breakthrough to making this a reality was in 2013 where a car safely navigated two-way streets and traffic lights. Now many of the major companies all want to follow suit and this could be something to really look out for.

Virtual reality is now a fun way to pass your time, feeling as if you are on a roller coaster or swimming in the sea with beautiful fish on colourful reefs, but this is not how this technology began or even how it will reach its pinnacle. Watch this space!