7 Smart Ways to Organize Your Living Room-Completely Clutter Free!

A clutter-free home is the dream of every home-maker as well as the family. Those who are interested in interior décor are constantly keen to create spaces that resemble design magazines. Interiors do require a great amount of planning and a superhuman effort in keeping them functional and aesthetic.

Most families are in need of their living room organization and do require a handy organising professional to up their game a notch.

Here are some organization ideas for living room that will ensure you have a soothing ambience, and in turn keep your home clutter-free:

Step 1: Chuck, donate or keep your things

Go through your clutter in the living room and decide the items that find a place there. Place the useful but incompatible things in any other area of your home. Get the unwanted items out altogether, or donate them to someone who might need them. Be ruthless in your choices or chances are that your room can never be uncluttered. Thoroughly check your belongings and evaluate your needs. Eliminate the DVDs and CDs that you don’t use anymore or donate them.

Step 2: Eliminate items that are broken

If some of the items have been rendered unusable due to breakage or have lived out their shelf life, eliminate them. If you do not want to throw them away, mend them and reuse them in some other way. If they can be used in some form, donate to a charity or someone who could use them.

Step 3: Use Smaller Keepsakes

A clutter-free home does not require the absence of all keepsakes and decorations. You can always choose small souvenirs and keepsakes from different parts of the world and restrain yourself from piling up large artefacts. Thinking small in this respect is one of the ways to organize your room.

Step 4: Buy things for your needs

When buying housewares, buy them for only those you serve in your family and not for everyone else who could be attending parties at your place. You can eliminate a lot of clutter when you shop for what you need. Most people who prefer a minimalist home, will always clear their spaces and keep only what is important.

Step 5: Organize Purchases Carefully

People who love to organize will always vouch for boxes and containers in their living room. Their shelves get their things in order. Once they run out of space, they are smart enough to organize things without cluttering the spaces. Declutter your spaces first before getting the boxes in place to store these things.

Step 6: Hide clutter behind blinds and curtains

One of the best hacks to declutter your living room is to hide handy items of your living room like your books or your TV remote and your song collection to open shelves and obfuscate the view with curtains or blinds. Choose curtains that match the décor as well as the interiors too!

Step 7: Reuse gift boxes

Most people throw away gift boxes or shoe boxes but they are always handy to store small things like paperclips, pencils, and other stationery items. They can store all odds and ends and you can have labels to indicate what you can organize within those boxes.

Step 8: Use Velcro for sticking items to the wall

Velcros can prove to be life-savers when organizing a number of handy items including remotes and joysticks especially in close proximity to the media units. They are ideal to stick things for which you do not have storage space but should not be lying around too.