7 Reasons to Leave Your Troubles Behind & Go Backpacking!


There are so many amazing reasons to pack up and go backpacking, which is why so many people do just that that, every year. Walking through any major city or picturesque town, especially in the warmer months, you’re guaranteed to see them walking along in their hiking boots with their huge rucksacks in tow. No doubt downing a grubby but durable t-shirt and shorts, as well as the trusty travel guide tucked under an arm. If you too are thinking of making a backpacking trip, but are in need of a final push, here are seven great reasons why it’s a good idea to give backpacking a red hot go.


By this, I mean what you do in between seeing all the sights and chilling out at your backpackers lodge. It’s the 18-hour bus trip, the overnight train ride, the unexpected lift you managed to get from a kind stranger who was going where you are. These in-between times are the perfect opportunity to read the book you’ve always meant to bitterer did, to write, to listen to music, or to just sit back and take in the amazing scenery in a completely foreign country. Backpacking is the time that you learn it’s not about where you’re going, but enjoying the ride.

Learning New Things

This is more of a guarantee or promise, and the first reason you should get out and see the world. You will learn many things that you never knew before, whether it be something about yourself or the world, or the people that you meet, backpacking is an excellent opportunity to soak up stuff that you would never find by sitting at home watching Netflix. You may discover a hidden talent for reading maps and signposts in German, or that your new favourite food is a bowl of authentic ramen noodles in Japan, whatever these things may be, it’s most certainly worth taking the trip to discover them.

Seeing Spectacular Things

Seeing something in a photo online or on television can never ever compare to the real thing. There are things that need to be seen and experienced in person for you to get the full impact of that place. Standing in the Sistine Chapel and seeing the ceiling pained by Michaelangelo himself, seeing the sun rise over the temple of Angkor Wat, and the dazzling lights of Las Vegas appearing over the horizon in desert Nevada. These are experiences that defy a normal description and photographic reproduction simply cannot do justice to. See them for yourself and be amazed by their beauty.

Getting to Know Your Travel Mate

Not only do you learn a lot about yourself and the places you’re travelling through when you’re backpacking, if you’re travelling as a couple you’re going to learn a lot about your other half that you don’t see when at home. Being caught in a rainstorm in the middle of nowhere, or having hour upon hour to kill when you’re just off a flight and waiting for your room to be ready will truly test any relationship! But whatever happens, you’ll either come out of the experience closer than ever, or spared from making a huge mistake.

People That Are New to You

If the stresses of your trip ever get too much and there’s an unexpected parting of ways (these things have been known to happen!) or even if you just decide to try travelling alone, do not fear. Going backpacking presents a bounty of opportunities to meet new people, from shared train rides to the common area of your Backpacking Hostel, there is always someone around to share your stories with over a beer.


If you’re travelling, often the weather where you are going will be better than what you experience at home. Soaking up the sun when you have the chance will provide your body with plenty of Vitamin D, remembering the sunscreen of course. If you happen to arrive somewhere in monsoon season, marvel at the pounding rain as it’s something you probably won’t ever experience at home.


This should really be the number one reason. Gaining independence and learning self-sufficiency develops you as a person. Navigating your way through unexplored countries and cities, transport systems, and many different languages is enough to make even the timid person come out of their shell a little.