Best Hotel Resorts from Each Continent

Hotel resorts are locations of enormous importance in the world of traveling, business and beyond. First of all, a hotel resort represents a tourist attraction, and of course, these resorts also have a dedicated place for fun, such as a casino. Each casino has a diverse of games that visitors can enjoy. However, the main gaming attraction of a casino inside a resort are the table games, with the slots portfolio being limited.

Overall, the main magnetism of a hotel resort is its wonderful appearance with a design that catches the eye and the chosen location of the building. Tourists who arrive at these places are attracted by the hospitality they deal with, the location which can either be exotic or glamorous and others. For example, each continent has its own way of expressing a certain type of resort design nuances.

Each Place Has Its Own Allure

In addition, when we look for the resorts in the USA that also have a casino, we instantly think of Las Vegas, which is known to be glamorous. In other words, the casino resorts from Las Vegas, are into the idea of glamour and high luxury when it comes to design. However, there are other resorts all over North America where each state has its own unique resort. The tribal resorts here are mostly into the idea to be visited by locals, because these resorts are heavily into the idea of spas, beauty treatments, hiking around the place and so on.

To continue, when we look towards the European resorts on the old continent, we don’t see glamour, we see history. Many European hotel resorts are known for their baroque or art nouveau designs and such. And besides the hotel, tourists can easily explore the surroundings where they see a different world, a different civilization, loads of history etc.

Let’s not forget about Asia, with the most popular place for casino resorts being Macao, China. Here, we will see that many resorts are trying to be just like Las Vegas from the US. In addition, Macao is known as the Asian Las Vegas. Of course, here we may see the idea of similarity with Las Vegas, however, Macao comes with more ingenious designs, where world’s top architects worked on them.

Last but not least, we might have forgotten about exotic places. The ones that have golden beaches and tropical environments. Here, the resorts are heavily into the idea of enjoying your holiday in an exotic place. In truth, many of us wish to be at least once into such a place, so we can feel the real holiday we wish for, where we can enjoy some exotic food, sunbathing at the beach, having fun at a nightclub with local music and so on.

Each continent has a resort that is the most popular and most visited by tourists. Besides the beautiful appearance that these resorts have are also a plus in being the most visited. and the Hundreds if not thousands of people pass through these hotel rooms every day and spend considerable time in these locations.

Like we mentioned before, these resorts are also popular because of the casinos they have, and they are very known for their range of table games which can also feature international tournaments. The games present in casinos are diverse which are to everyone’s liking. However, slot machines games that are into a casino, have a limited presence. Luckily for casino players, these slots can also be found online, where they can connect to a casino and enjoy a number of online slots.

Europa – Casino di Campione in Como, Italy

Casino di Campione is the largest and most luxurious casino in Europe, it is located in Italy, more precisely in the city of Como. It covers an area of approximately 5,480m² with 556 slots and table games. In this luxurious place and full of unique atmosphere there are 3 restaurants and bars to suit, with menus chosen especially for tourists who enter this “small town”.

Asia – The Parisian Macao in Cotai, Macau, China

The Parisian Macao covers an area of approximately 52,000m², being the most luxurious casino-type location in Asia. Here is a wonderful replica of the Eiffel Tower being the theme of the Paris location. It is a place of great splendor, with a romantic theme with about 3000 hotel rooms with 170 shops in all fields, from clothes, luxury drinks to appliances and much more. It has a huge meeting space for business people and 1,200 seat theaters for theater performances.

For the first month of the hotel’s opening, the theatre has hosted Thriller Live. With these theatre performances, The Parisian Macao hopes to attract more Broadway and West End performances. In addition, the interior has a large fountain and atrium which gives a feel of modern France. Besides, the casino has 150 gaming tables present for tourists that are passionate about games, such as Black Jack, Texas Holdem and many more.

America – The Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Wynn often called simply Wynn is, from the perspective of reviews offered by tourists, the most luxurious and amazing casino in America with an area of 87ha. The grandiose hotel resort can be found at the northeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sands Avenue, directly across The Strip from the Fashion Show Mall.

Since we know that Las Vegas is among the top travel destinations in the USA this hotel will be a must-see attraction there.

The hotel has an area of 187 meters with 45 floors and has 2,716 hotel rooms. The casino of the complex is of an indescribable luxury with an area of 10,300 m². The Wynn has a very large convention center covering an area of approximately 52,000 m2 and a commercial space of 1,200 m². Together with the adjacent Encore, the entire Wynn resort complex has a total of 4,748 rooms, making it the world’s seventh-largest hotel.

These resorts are the most luxurious in the respective continents according to the reviews of the clients who have crossed their threshold. The services and opportunities offered by these resorts are perfect, prompt and very luxurious at the same time. You can really feel the spirit of the holiday in these locations.