5 Maintenance Tips You Shouldn’t Neglect

It is critical to do periodic house maintenance whether you want to sell your home or live there for generations. Staying ahead of things with simple changes can help you prevent major issues down the road. Plumbing, insulation, and electrical systems should all be checked and maintained on a regular basis. They are not only vital for pleasant living, but they may also be costly to fix or replace.

5 Home Maintenance Tips

A regular house checkup utilizing this list of easy tasks is a sensible method to keep your home in good shape. Regularly inspecting these items can help prevent costly crises by spotting problems early.

1. Change AC Filters

Filters are an important part of furnaces and air conditioners. A clogged filter adds additional strain on your system, forcing it to work harder to circulate air. It will also cause additional dirt to build in your house. Remove the filter and clean or change it if it has become clogged with dust or other particles. You’ll breathe cleaner air and spend less money on energy.

2. Stain and Seal Your Decking

To keep it in good form, wood decking requires regular deck & trim repair. Re-stain and re-seal your decking annually. It’s a smart idea to do this in the fall since the cooler temperature is great for the process, and your decking will be protected during the winter. This is a job for a professional like rhmaintenance.com.¬†

3. Trim Back Shrubs and Trees Around Your Home

Trees and shrubs that grow around your home may give shade. This can help keep your house cool in the summer, as well as habitats for birds and other tiny animals that are found in many home gardens. Trees that sprout above your roofing, on the other hand, can attract squirrels and other critters into your attic, while vegetation along your siding can attract pests and cause moisture damage to your property’s structure. Keep shrubs and trees back from your house and away from your outdoor air conditioning equipment.

4. Clear Drains

Ensure that water is draining properly in all sinks, tub drains, and showers. If it keeps backing up, unblock it with hot water, or vinegar and baking soda, or a drain snake. Make sure you don’t mix drain cleaner with homemade remedies since some chemicals could have severe reactions. It may be necessary to remove the drain plug in bath sinks to eliminate accumulated hair.

5. Caulk Your Windows

Inspect the exterior of your windows every year and replace any missing caulk. Using a sharp knife, replace broken, dried, or damaged caulk with a new bead. This eliminates drafts, lowers your energy bills, and makes your house more pleasant. Applying insulating material to your windows will help decrease drafts and improve efficiency even further.

Why You Should Maintain Your Home

1. Save Money

Old and inefficient equipment utilizes a lot more resources and money than modern equipment. For instance, an air filter that hasn’t been serviced in a long time will consume more power than one that has just been serviced.

Similarly, aging pipes should be replaced before they rupture and begin leaking water, increasing the expense of repair. For every dollar invested in preventative maintenance, you will save a lot more money in repairs and damages. Simple issues are always better handled when they first appear.

2. Increase Property Value

Aside from repairs and renovations, consistent house maintenance is one of the most effective methods to increase your property’s value. Consider this if you had to put your property on the market soon.

You’ll get lots of faults in your home inspection report if your house hasn’t been properly maintained in a long time. The expense of resolving these faults would normally be passed on to the purchaser, prompting them to request a discount. This way, properly maintaining your property will assist in boosting its worth.

3. Improve Living Experience

Staying in a home with a silent air filter or a heater that doesn’t blast dust every second is a pleasant experience. Suppose you maintain your property on a regular basis. In that case, you won’t have to deal with the loud noises of a squeaky door, unlubricated equipment components, or mopping up after a leaking roof.

It also gives you more trust in the structural stability of your entire home. Naturally, you’ll feel a lot more confident and at ease in it as a result.

These simple tasks can help you get your house in condition for the winter and avoid those pesky problems and breakdowns that may ruin your comfort.