Top 5 best gifts for cigar lovers

If you have a cigar lover in your life, give them a gift to make their smoking experience even better. Give them a memorable gift this Christmas by dipping into the cigar accessory bag for some amazing gift ideas. Cigars are special to their lovers. Stogie lovers devote quality time to their cigars and make sure they have all the tools to make every smoking experience a memorable haze. You can make their festive season more memorable by gifting them some beautiful accessories for their set.

A personalized cigar shadow box; Cigar aficionados always want to let people know about their passion, but cigars may not always be available. With a cigar shadow box, they can keep track of the cigars they have smoked and save the evidence. Get your cigar-loving friend a custom shadow box to store and showcase their cigar labels, and they will love you for it. You can buy them a shadow box from a special brand and add a customized personal touch to make the gift even more special.

A quality lighter; The elegance of a quality light cannot be overstated. Cigar lighters should tell stories. They should tell stories of luxury, comfort, and elegance. A stogie lover will appreciate a quality lighter to match their smoking experience. Every gentleman should have a quality light that reflects their style and personality. Gift your friend that bespoke lighter.

Get them a cutter with class; Another accessory that every cigar smoker should have is a quality cutter. If your cigar-loving loved one does not have one, make their holidays by gifting them one. The cutters very essential because lighting a cigar with the tip still intact can mess up your smoke. Get your friend a nice cutter as a gift to enhance/better their smoking experience.

A custom humidor for their stogies; Cigars are delicate. You need to safely store them to prevent any form of damage to the delicacy. Gift your loved one a custom humidor that keeps their stogie intact. A custom-made humidor is a nice gift for any smoker. Smokers are always concerned about keeping their stogie in perfect condition, but a quality humidor can ease their fears.

A gorgeous ashtray; Show your stogie-crazed friend how much they mean to you with a beautiful ashtray. Your loved one can use the ashtray for many years, and they’ll always remember you for it. No one wants ash/burns on their furniture and tables. A beautiful ashtray will prevent that and it works as a house decoration.

Find out what is missing from their set and get it

People always gift cigar lovers stuff they already have in their collection. Find out what is missing and get it for them. Apart from the options listed above, you can get creative by getting them a decanter set for their whiskey. Good smoke gels with fine whiskey and they’ll love a cool decanter set to house their drink. Other helpful accessories like on-the-go flasks and cigar clips are fun gift ideas for your stogie lover. Find out what is missing from their set and get it for your loved one as a gift. You should consider adding a personal touch to it too. Get creative!