4 Commercial Brick Building Ideas

Most building and business owners want their commercial buildings to be designed in a way that not only looks aesthetically captivating but offers multi-functional spaces. Modern commercial buildings are also built to be energy efficient, while the choice of materials reflects the commitment to sustainability and zero carbon footprint.

Bricks are versatile, low maintenance, energy-efficient and highly durable that makes them the ideal choice for commercial buildings.

Here are some trending commercial brick building ideas for those looking to build something unique and memorable:

Four Commercial Brick Building Ideas

1- Bold Colour Palette

Colours are known to have a powerful impact on our mood and emotions. Colours in the red spectrum such as red-orange, scarlet red, and red are considered to be “warm colours.” These are associated with feelings such as warmth, comfort, energy, excitement, passion, power, and strength. Colours in the orange spectrum evoke bravery, confidence, and success, while yellow is linked to cheer, creativity and happiness. Cool colours such as blue and green inspire trust, peace, healing, freshness, loyalty, and quality.

Bricks allow designers to experiment with the colour schemes for commercial buildings. Complementary colour combinations such as red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and white can be created with a mix of bricks and other materials. The outcome is a stunning, bold, and dynamic exterior that helps the structure stand out from the competition.

Dynamic colours are ideal for commercial buildings as they are work-inspiring and competitive. A trending commercial brick building idea is to select brick and metal with panels to design a modern facade. Deep colours such as Emperor Brick Bursaria Bricks,

Heritage Reds, Red Blue, or Kurrajong, along with geometric patterns, add dimension and depth to the building exterior. Krause Grampian Blue bricks used in the design of Lake Wendouree House was chosen for their low maintenance and simplicity. They were also preferred due to their ‘chameleon-like playful quality” that adjust as the light changes during the day.

2- Blending Materials

Blending different materials with brick is a great way to create a rustic or semi-rustic look. Wood-style beams, natural stone in the pavement, and brick walls can create a harmonious rustic look.

A case in point is how a heritage home was transformed with the use of a sophisticated material palette. Designers used Krause Grampian Blue bricks, metallic cladding, and natural Chalford limestone that perfectly were in sync with the original stucco and red brick house.

3- Sustainable Design

Bricks are the preferred commercial construction material on the basis of their energy efficiency, sustainability, and maintenance-free qualities. They can also be recycled and reused, which helps reduce carbon footprint. The most appealing quality of brick structures is their ability to stand the test of time under adverse environmental conditions.

Bricks lend themselves to the creation of an economical and efficient building layout with multi-use spaces, breakout spaces, and community gardens. Larger bricks such as 2 1/4 Emperor bricks create elegant and long lines that are ideal for longwall stretches. The use of indigenous plants, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, and green roofs augment the sustainable commercial building design.

4- Creating Depth And Texture

Many commercial buildings have bricks laid out across a flat surface on the whole wall. An interesting way to make a building design distinct is to create a pattern where there are varying depths of bricks. Instead of a flat wall, varying the depths of some bricks can help form a pattern that repeats till the building is covered with the design. The result could be a trendy and attractive commercial building that captures eyeballs.

Another way to add an element of surprise in the building design is to use different shapes, patterns and sizes of bricks. While typically bricks are rectangular in shape, different shapes, patterns and sizes of bricks are available. These include zigzag, linear and triangular patterns.

The rebuilding project of Trinity College involved using Krause Emperor Grampian Blue bricks that offer accentuated texture for the facade. The handcrafted quality of these beautiful bricks blends perfectly with the contemporary architecture in a historical setting.

The Krause Emperor bricks also complement the strong geometry, white powder-coated aluminium panels for ventilation and steelwork add contrasting elements and texture. The designers also augmented the design with brickwork landscape seats and inlays, sandstone garden walls and Krause Emperor bricks all along with the lobby and lift wells.

A premier commercial bricks manufacturer can not only provide you with a top-class product but also customise the product as per your exact specifications.