Workers Need Training for 21st Century Machines

The rapid pace of technological growth in the last few years has been dizzying, so it’s important for companies to make sure their employees have all the latest training to get the most from the equipment they use. While automation is understandably associated with replacing human workers with machines, many processes involved in automation still require a human employee at the helm.

Automation may lead to job loss in places, but the fact is the manufacturing sector in North America might have succumbed to the forces of globalization if factories here didn’t get a boost from automation just when they were subject to competition from overseas rivals who had fewer regulations and cheaper labour costs. 

Automation was the answer, and one of the central pieces of equipment in automation is known as the coordinate measuring machine, or CMM machine. Things are different now in a globalized world, and even automation is evolving — this also means automation is here to stay.

It’s important, then, for both employers and employees to make sure that workers keep their metrology knowledge current. Whether you’re choosing a used coordinate  measuring machine or you’re using brand new equipment, there are jobs to be had in the future in metrology for those who have the latest knowledge. 

Keep reading to get a sense of what metrology training looks like.

In-Class CMM Training

Metrology is a niche subject, and actually the teachers who have the most industry experience are authorized dealers who have sold and repaired CMM machines for centuries. Authorized dealers offer full metrology services, including in-class training sessions.

Taking an in-class metrology session gives you the benefit of getting hands-on experience, so you can actually touch and use the equipment yourself. You should expect the classrooms to have a range of real CMM equipment which you’re likely to find on the job, including a ROMER Arm, Bridge CMM, and Equator.

Whatever level of specialization you need, there’s a course for you. The range includes: PC-DMIS levels 1/2/3, PC-DMIS CAD++, PC-DMIS Portable, PC-DMIS Pro, Datapage+, Polyworks and Quindos. There is also a course on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing available, to give students the fundamentals. 

To ensure that you’ve reached an operational level of understanding, expect a few tests and quizzes. The whole session should take between 1-5 days. 

E-Learning Metrology Modules

There is nothing more convenient than an E-Learning module, because classes can be taken from wherever you have an internet connection, and can be conducted at your own pace. Get lessons from home or at your office that teach PC-DMIS Portable, PC-DMIS levels 1/2, and MODUS for Renishaw Equator. 

The convenience is wonderful, but naturally you won’t get hands-on experience with the equipment in an online course. For this reason, the modules are perfect for students who already work with CMM machines, as a way to brush up on their skills. 

Expect a certificate of completion when the course is over, and look for E-Learning modules offered by authorized dealers who have been in business for decades.

Automation is here and is not going away any time soon, so it is important workers get the training they need for the machines of the 21st century.