Audrey Gelman – Characteristics of World’s CEOs

No matter what industry they may be operating in, CEOs around the world like Audrey Gelman actually share a lot of skills and characteristics. Ultimately this is why it is so easy for many CEOs to switch between various companies and sectors, because they recognize, at the core, what the job role requires. There is of course a lot of information to learn about the sector, but when it comes to leadership, building teams and taking great responsibility, these men and women understand just what is expected of them. 

Let’s take a look then at just some of the skills and characteristics of the world’s most successful CEOs

Tight Routine 

We often hear strange claims about the hours at which CEOs get up and the length of time they spend at work. These points vary from person to person but there is absolutely zero doubt that each of these individuals do operate on a very tight routine each and every day. More often than not this does start early, and you’ll find most CEOs get to work at the same time, work the same amount of hours and have certain times for certain activities. 

Desire to Learn 

Another claim which is made about CEOs, often from people on social media looking to give you some self improvement advice, is that they read vast amounts of books. The reality here however is that CEOs have a thirst for knowledge, above all else. And so the notion of reading hundreds of books a year could be a lie, but they will reach out and use books, courses, advice and even podcasts to gain more knowledge, about their own field and beyond. 

Easy Going 

For the most part, the world’s CEOs are not hot heads who ball and shout and tear their hair out all day, on the contrary in fact. There may of course be times where they feel that they have to read the riot act to a team member, but generally it is the CEOs who are the coolest heads in the room. The reason why they got to where they did, is down to their skill and their ability to remain calm, even in a crisis situation. 


Another common misconception about these men and women is that at board room level they simply have to direct and make decision, whilst everyone else does the work. This is absolutely not the case and you’ll find CEOs to be the hardest working and those who put in more hours than most. The job role does change at the executive level of course and whilst thing may be less hands on, tasks are more challenging and require a lot more focus and dedication. It is easy to think that these individuals don’t work as hard as those at the bottom, but the reality is that they are working just as hard or harder than the rest. 

These are just some of the familiar traits which CEOs around the world possess.