Why Use Different Project Methodologies?

You might think that the most sensible idea is to choose a single project management methodology for your business. However, what if you decide that having multiple methods to choose from might suit you better?

It is possible to have a project team that it capable of working in different ways. In fact, there are some wonderful benefits to do this that you might like to be aware of.

Choose the Right Approach Every Single Time

In theory, each different methodology is best suited to a certain type of project. In real life, you will find that there are many pieces of work that could be equally successful with any approach that you choose.

Yet, there are sure to be situations in which you may decide that one methodology is better than the other. For instance, PRINCE2 is a good all-rounder while Agile is often best when the customers wants to get heavily involved and the requirements are unclear.

Having at least a couple of varying approaches to choose from lets you choose what you think is best each time. You might end up using the same methodology repeatedly but at least you will have the option of varying it as needed.

Get a Multi-Skilled Team

Ideally, you will have a powerful project team that contains a lot of different skills in it. You can achieve this with a single methodology approach. Yet, having different ways of working can come in handy at times.

In addition, this is a way of giving your team members a more impressive range of skills. If they can work on several methodologies then this will help them to feel that they are developing and becoming more valuable project workers.

You can start off by sending each person on PRINCE2 London , as this is an excellent all-round methodology that can be used in many different situations. After that, it is worth considering what other training of varied methodologies could help them to progress in their career.

Don’t Believe That a Good Methodology is the Only Thing You Need

There is a trap here that it is important you don’t fall into. Some project managers think that getting a good methodology is the be all and end all of this job. Yet, this isn’t the case at all.

The methodology that you choose is simply a starting point that allows you to structure the project in a certain way. There is no way that you should then think that having the right methodology alone will guarantee you success.

Rather, you should look to make this the foundation that you build up from. By being able to choose from a number of different methodologies you will force yourself to think about why you choose a certain method and what you need to do to make it work.

Keep New Projects Fresh and Exciting

Project work is typically exciting and fast-moving. Yet, like any other type of work, it can become slightly boring and monotonous for the team over time. This is especially true if many of the projects are very similar.

By switching from one methodology to another you keep life interesting for everyone working on your projects. There is no need to think that each new project is just going to be more of the same as you have just done.

This is a very easy way of making the work more enjoyable for everyone involved in it. This will keep them all on their toes and will also mean that the likes of meetings and documents are different from one piece of work to another as well.