Why is Melbourne an Excellent Choice for International Students?

Millions of students take competitive exams each year, hoping to study in exciting foreign locations with rich cultures and history. Melbourne is one such place. It is home to some of Australia’s finest universities, has a vibrant lifestyle, and stunning natural beauty.

Over a hundred and forty cultures are celebrated in the city, making it truly cosmopolitan. Besides its famous tourist attractions, which make the city exceptionally suited for travel lovers, the great accommodations options in Melbourne make student life easy and comfortable.

The following information elaborates on the stay options while covering other fantastic aspects of Melbourne that make it a highly desirable location for people.

Home to top universities

Melbourne ranked tenth on the overall safety index in one 2019 study, proving how seriously the locals take security. It is infrastructurally, digitally, and health-wise the safest region in Victoria, besides ranking high on personal safety levels.

Furthermore, statistics show that the University of Melbourne recently witnessed around forty-eight per cent of foreign admissions, making it one of the most preferred ones by students worldwide. The place is ranked seventh worldwide on the critical employability factor, indicating its global focus, enabling it to align with other major educational institutions across various countries.

Other excellent places to study in this spectacular city in Victoria include Monash University, La Trobe University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, etc.

Affordable transportation and food options

Melbourne has an excellent public transportation system connected via buses, trams, and trains, with many essential services within walking distance, depending on the specific area you choose to stay in. A transport ticket called the myki card can help you get around quickly, with students having the option of a discount if they meet specific criteria. Typically transport charges in Melbourne for a student cost an average of $150 to $155 a month.

People can buy fresh produce at the local markets to make food if they wish to work under a tight budget. However, several meal options are under $20 throughout the city, such as Mr Lee’s Foods, Göz City, Sal’s, Wild Life Bakery, Tiba’s, and Hector’s Deli, to name a few.

Students who work part-time and have the money to spare often explore the fine dining scene in the city, where meals generally begin at $50 and go upwards from there. Regardless, know that there are various types of bars, cafes, and restaurants to choose from in Melbourne for people with all budgets.

Fantastic boutique accommodation

While you can look for an apartment or room at the university, consider staying in one of the most affordable and fabulous student accommodations provided by reputable Melbourne agencies. These places have modern designs that incorporate essential amenities, such as gyms, gaming arenas, lounges, and other rooms, allowing international students to adjust quickly.

Moreover, respected industry experts in the city have branches of their accommodation all over Australia, not just in Melbourne, such as Brisbane and Sydney, which are strategic locations, ensuring students have everything they need within a short distance. Also, the prices are affordable, the rooms flexible, and the hospitality is unmatched when you stay at one of these establishments.

So, consider booking a place for yourself at one of these top-rated places in Melbourne to meet fellow international students, experience the local culture, and grow together.