Pollution Solutions for Londoners

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world to live! It’s got incredible museums, world class restaurants, premiers of plays that go on to win awards and launch careers and it’s a hive of business innovation that can supercharge your own CV.

Unfortunately there are downsides to living in the capital: it’s inarguably expensive, people moving from friendlier areas of the country or indeed the world can find the anonymity of the tightly packed city difficult to live with, and, of course, the pollution in the air is a problem we’re only just beginning to recognise and take steps to reduce.

It’s the pollution that can have the most pernicious effect on you, from the slow effect on your health over the years down to attacking your skin and making it feel sensitive and inflamed. Fortunately, today we’re here with some cosmetic solutions to help you enjoy life in the capital.

The Root of the Problem

You’ll probably notice the effect the pollution has on your skin first: it can lead to swelling and discoloration, break-outs of acne, patches of dry skin, and irritating conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Some research indicates that the atmosphere in the middle of the city can age your skin ten percent faster than in less polluted climes!

The most important thing you can do for your skin is to repair the barrier that keeps toxins out. Tiny pollutant particles attack this barrier, breaking down the keratin your skin uses to keep moisture in and maintain the healthy elasticity of your skin. Once this is compromised it paves the way for more irritants to attack every level of your skin.


At home, you can focus on rehydrating your skin and rebuilding that barrier. Rehydrating night creams keep your skin topped up with moisture, as well regenerating keratin to help your skin repair itself in the long term.

This has to be a routine you stick to every day – you’re fighting a war of attrition with the air itself, and if you don’t keep your skin supplied with all the nutrients it needs your complexion could suffer badly.

Go To The Experts

To tip the balance back in your favour, you could make an appointment with some dermatological experts. If you’re looking for a Skin Clinic, London has plenty of options, including Skinsmiths, who have branches across the capital. A rejuvenating facial, laser treatment or derma rolling appointment at an aesthetic clinic can give your skin the advantage it needs to withstand the air pollution in the centre of the city, and help you look and feel like you’re at your best.