Which Camera Is Best For Outdoor Security?

Ensuring the exterior of your home is secured, is the first step to taking control of your home’s security. Whilst internal cameras are useful for catching thieves or criminals breaking into your home, monitoring the exterior is just as important. External security cameras are weatherproof, being able to withstand any weather condition the UK summer brings. Moreover, external cameras offer remote viewing, allowing you to always have access to the view from your cameras regardless of your location. There are two different types of outdoor cameras, both with different advantages. 

Motion Activated Cameras 

Motion-activated cameras, like those from expert providers Online Spy Shop, are much more user-friendly than traditional security cameras. They are great entry-level devices, perfect for homeowners starting their own security journey. The beauty of motion-activated cameras is their intuition. Instead of recording hours upon hours of footage in which nothing is happening, motion-activated cameras sense movement and then begin recording. This makes them a great entry-level piece of equipment. Using motion-activated cameras means you never have to watch a piece of footage where nothing is happening, or there is no reason behind it. Particularly with outdoor footage, no one needs to watch a backyard not move an inch for four hours to know it is safe. Using outdoor cameras can help you notice when cars you don’t recognise wait outside your home, or if people approach your home. 

Night Vision Cameras

It is unsurprising that crime is often committed at night, with low visibility and quiet streets allowing thieves to operate under the radar. Night vision cameras aim to strip away the advantages thieves have during the night, by clearly showing suspicious activity around your home and recording it for safekeeping. This footage can then be used as evidence in court. If the crime is committed at night, a conviction is even less likely, as your identity is so much easier to conceal. A video recording of a thief entering your property could be the difference between winning and losing your case. Aside from the obvious security reasons, installing night vision cameras outside your home can be quite entertaining. You may get to see some wildlife going about its business at night, or be able to make sure the family pet is sleeping safe and sound. 

Depending on your security needs you may find using motion-activated cameras during the day and night vision cameras at night the best recipe for a super-secure home. One thing to keep in mind is the coverage of your cameras when you are positioning them. Night vision cameras would be best placed around entry points at night, giving a clear picture of approaching threats. On the other hand, motion-activated cameras should be positioned in areas that give them the most coverage, ensuring the largest area possible is being surveilled.