How to Choose the Right Cloud Security Platform

For protecting an organization’s cloud network, a robust cloud security platform combines a plethora of technologies, processes, controls, and policies. Implementing cloud security is a shared responsibility between you and the cloud security platform that you choose.

According to experts like, while working with the right cloud security platform and implement relevant strategies to protect data, privacy, and compliance, you can also save yourself from unnecessary financial loss and ramifications of data theft and breach.

However, you can attain all these benefits only if you choose the right cloud security platform. Read more to know about how to find the best one for your organization. 

Check the Data Protection Factor

While moving to a cloud security platform, one of the essential key elements of security is protecting data when it is in transit between the provider and you. Data protection is a two-fold responsibility for you and the provider.

To prevent the interception of data, you will need network protection. In case the attacker manages to intercept your data, proper encryption should be in place to prevent the person from reading the data. So, choose a platform that offers different tools to encrypt the data at rest and during transit easily.

It Should Have Asset Protection Features

When choosing a cloud security platform, you must understand where the data is stored, managed, and processed; you have to understand the physical location of the data. 

For protecting the assets, the cloud security platform should have resources for advanced physical safety in the data center to protect the data from unauthorized access. In case the data falls into the wrong hands, such advanced features will protect the assets by deleting all the resources before an attacker tries to re-provision it.

What Extent of Visibility and Control Does It Offer?

One of the critical factors for cloud security is the ability to view and control your data. If you choose the right cloud security platform, it will offer solutions that provide complete visibility of the data and details about who is accessing it, no matter the location of the data or the person.

The platform should offer active monitoring features so that you can quickly discover the alterations to security and configuration across the entire ecosystem. In addition to this, check if the platform supports compliance with integrating new and existing solutions. 

The Platform Should Help Eliminate Identity Risks

From the principle of least privilege to separation of duties, assessing toxic combinations, and active monitoring, the cloud security platform should offer identity security. When it comes to the public cloud, the security platform must get to and maintain the right state of least privilege. 

Separation of duties helps prevent conflict of interest, errors and fraud, and more. So the security platform that you choose should map out different identities and figure out the issues with separation of duties in a visual form. By enforcing these steps, the cloud security platform eliminates all identified risks and ensures a smooth ecosystem.

Does It Connect You With Trusted Partner Networks?

While trying to establish security practices in place for cloud deployment, you will require the help of more than one partner or solution. A reliable cloud security provider will make this process easier by connecting you with various solutions and partners in the specific marketplace.

Find a security platform that offers a trusted network of partners with good track records. The marketplace that they introduce you to should provide solutions that will help you secure data, no matter the type of environment you are accessing – hybrid cloud, private or public.

Analyze the Various Security Features 

Before choosing the platform, consider what security features it offers and if there are any additional paid services available from the provider. Also, make sure to check if the cloud security platform provides any services where you will be in a position to supplement with any third-party organization’s technology. 

Check If It Integrates Security and Compliance

When considering a cloud security platform, compliance and security must go hand-in-hand. They must meet global compliance requirements, which third-party organizations also validate. 

The cloud security platform you choose should follow industry best practices for security, and it should hold a legit certification. Look for STAR or industry-specific certifications if you are working in sectors where PCI-DSS and HIPAA might apply. 

The platform offers different ways to help you adapt security controls into your certification programs and compliance to ensure that your compliance efforts are efficient and cost-effective.

More than 93% of the organizations are concerned about cloud security, and many are even victims of cloud security breaches of late. So you must understand what features a good cloud security platform offers, analyze different options and choose one wisely.