Tips to set up the best home office that will make you more productive

Due to the current global pandemic scenario caused by the coronavirus, many companies have sent their employees to work from home in the past few months. If you have ever worked from home, you should know that this isn’t easy as there can be many distractions and other issues that can affect your productivity and overall performance during the business hours.

Setting up a decent home office is one of the best ways to overcome many of these issues. See below a few ideas to create the perfect long-term-working-from-home office.

Locating the perfect spot

You should start by having a dedicated room or space at home that can serve as your office. If you think you can’t find space, you can convert another part of your house as a dual-purpose room, such as guest rooms, an enclosed porch or your dining room to serve as the office. The idea here is that this space is detached as possible from the rest of your household.

Adjust everything to your comfort and health

Ergonomics are very important to consider when setting up your office as bad posture or a desk that is not at proper work right can cause discomfort and make you more likely to interrupt your work and take frequent breaks. You monitor needs to be always mounted in a way that is lining up with your eyes when at upright position, and a comfortable chair should be an excellent investment to make that will enable you to sit for longer periods of time without feeling too much pain afterwards.

If you have the money to invest in ergonomic peripherals, such as trackball mouses and keyboard wrist rests, go for it without thinking twice. Newer monitors are also coming with ‘reading mode’ lighting that will make it less harmful to your eyes and have crispier and sharper images. Learn more here

Find a good internet provider and have modern equipment

There is nothing more frustrating than having a choppy, intermittent connection, which seems to always happen when submitting a big file, sending multiple emails or when in an important conference call.

Try to get the highest bandwidth from the most reliable provider in your area, especially if you have more people at home that need to be connected at the same time. Plug an Ethernet cable to your office computer to ensure no interference that can occasionally happen when using Wi-Fi. You should also make sure your equipment supports modern network standards to receive what you’re paying for.

Decorating and adding your personal touch

You can make your personal home office cozier and inviting by adding a few things that express your style. A small plant, a different wall color and pictures can make all the difference and should stimulate you to work better and harder, while remembering that you are in control of your personal space. Proper, indirect lighting can help you reduce eye strain and make it easier to perform certain tasks at work.