Tips for Stepping Up Into in a PRINCE2 Project Manager Role

 Stepping Up Into in a PRINCE2

Making the change from being part of a PRINCE2 team to leading it can seem daunting. There is no hiding place when you get promoted into a project manager role where it is you who has to take on the brunt of the responsibilities.

How can you do this without it causing you too much stress? Can you make the switch to the new role smoothly? There are certainly some handy tips that will make it that bit easier for you to do this.

Change Your Mind-set

The first step you need to take is often the most difficult. This is a crucial point that you really need to get right if you are going to carry out your new role to the highest possible standard right from day one.

Changing your mind-set means thinking like a project manager from now on, rather than thinking like a member of the team. You need to take responsibility for making the big decisions and for what goes right as well as what goes wrong.

Exactly how you make this change isn’t so easy to explain. Some people take a long time to do this, while others find that it comes more naturally to them more or less right away.

Complete Your Training

Are you ready to take on all of the tasks that this new job requires from you? It is clear that you have been promoted because of your existing skills, but might you need to learn new skills in order to carry out this more senior role?

The first thing you want to do is to think about whether you need to carry out PRINCE2 Courses London in order to be better prepared for the switch. If you do this then you will feel as though you fully understand how to run your projects professionally.

There are also plenty of other training courses that you might be interested in going on. By learning a range of new skills, you will gain in confidence and start to really look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.  

Don’t Be Afraid of Asking for Help

Are you going to need to ask for some help at some point in the future? There is a good chance that you do, as you find the additional tasks and responsibilities to be tough to get to grips with in the early days.

A big advantage of running PRINCE2 projects is that you can stick to the same methodology every single time. This means that it is a lot easier to get into the swing of things, as the subject matter doesn’t alter your approach at all.

Having said that, at the beginning you might feel more comfortable turning to an experienced project manager for some help. There is no shame in doing this and you should definitely do this is you feel that the project is at risk for some reason.

Enjoy the Switch

It might sound so far as though you are in for a rough ride when running PRINCE2 projects. It is certainly a demanding role but there is also a huge deal of satisfaction to be gained from carrying it out well.

It makes sense to face up to this new phase in your career with a smile and a positive outlook. You are sure to come across difficult moments but there are also going to be some fantastic successes and a lot of pleasure for you.

By approaching this career change in the right way you can make it something far more enjoyable, as well as carry out the role to a higher standard.