The Top Supplements to Add to Your Routine in the New Year

When you are getting ready to welcome in a New Year, the promise of a “clean slate” helps to get everyone’s motivational gears going.

While starting a fad diet or promising to hit the gym six days a week may seem like a good start, but these are not sustainable resolutions. In fact, this is probably where all your good intentions will fall flat. However, a good way to begin a healthier lifestyle in the new year is to get back to basics and to focus on the things that will promote whole body wellness. One of the best ways to do this is by adding the right supplements to your routine. Here are some recommendations to help you live a happier and healthier life in the new year.

Optimize Digestion with Probiotics

There are millions of people all around the world who are dealing with some type of digestive imbalance. Something as simple as having a frequent and regular bowel movement is an occurrence that nobody should take for granted.

With probiotics, you can improve and support good gut health. This supplement is full of “good” bacteria that help to support the required diversity in your gut’s fungi, yeasts, and bacteria. Sometimes, this can become imbalanced because of emotional lows or highs, bacterial overgrowth, and poor dietary choices. By supplementing with a multi-strain probiotic, you can ensure that your gut will properly digest and absorb nutrients.

Balance Your Sugar Intake with Cinnamon

For many people, the main resolution they make each new year is to reach a healthier weight. One of the best ways to do this is with cinnamon, a superfood that can do much more than just “spice up” the foods you eat. Cinnamon includes antioxidant polyphenols. There are two that have been proven to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which will remove any excess sugar that may accumulate in your blood. This is going to force your cells to use it for energy rather than storing it as fat.

Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for pushing sugar into the cells, where it is then converted to energy. If your body is no longer responding to insulin properly, the levels of sugar that are in your blood will go up, and your weight – particularly in the midsection – will go down.

The same antioxidants provide anti-inflammatory properties in the brain and the body, which help to mitigate tau-protein build-up. If accumulations of this occur, it can result in impaired cognition.


Following a well-rounded and healthy diet is something that everyone tries to do. However, getting the proper balance of lean protein, fruit, whole grains, and veggies can be challenging, especially in those “convenience” foods that many people have in their diets.

Once you hit 40 years old, your digestive abilities will begin to dwindle. This makes it much more difficult to get the nutrients from the foods that you consume. Even if you eat plenty of leafy greens during the day, taking a multivitamin each day will serve as a security blanket and cover all the nutritional bases you may miss if you have skipped a meal or chosen takeout.

Modern multivitamins are made with whole-food, organic nutrients that have been fermented to help enhance absorption. You can find multivitamin options designed specifically for both women and men and can help to achieve superior health. For example, modern multivitamins offer many ingredients to help with your overall health and wellness, including vitamin A for skin and vision, vitamin D3 for bones, and several B vitamins. All of these ingredients are combined with certain herbal extracts to help you achieve your health and wellness goals in the new year.

Break a Sweat With Fermented Turmeric

If you are ready to go “hard” at the gym, you aren’t alone. Working out is a common trend at fitness centers come January. However, even if you and all your gym friends have renewed your membership for the year, a huge deterrent for going can be all the discomfort and pain that is associated with joint or muscle inflammation after your workouts.

In the health and wellness world, turmeric has become extremely popular for treating these ailments. The uses for turmeric are steeped in history, and it is something that has been used for centuries because of the many health benefits it offers.

Research has proven that the active compounds found in turmeric can help with heart and brain health and support the healthy inflammation response in your body. The essential oils in turmeric also offer several potent antioxidants and help to reduce the negative effects caused by free radicals.

Fermented turmeric is available in powder form, which can be absorbed easily by the body and can be added to a smoothie or in Greek-style yogurt. It can also be mixed in soups or salad dressing to boost the dish’s beauty and the health benefits it offers.

Achieve Glowing Skin With Omega-7

Yes, there are more than a few body butter, face creams, and hair serums on the market that can be used to improve your hair and skin, but these are short-term solutions. When you also follow a healthy diet containing certain omega-7 healthy fats – such as avocado and macadamia nuts – you will start to see the glowing skin and shiny hair you want.

Adding the Right Supplements to Your Routine

If you want to have a healthier and happier new year, then it is necessary to add the right supplements to your routine. By doing this, you can achieve several health benefits and enjoy all that life has to offer. Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by the right supplements, as these will help you in multiple ways.

Being informed and knowing what supplements to try will help ensure you get the results desired. Remember, the new year is a great time to make changes – but don’t try to do too much all at once. Start with small steps and enjoy the journey to a healthier you.